How is an ISFP man

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Introverted - Sensing - Feeling - Perceiving
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Description ISFP connoisseurs take things as they are and savor the moment: they are reserved, down-to-earth, sensitive and easy-going. You look cheerful and have a good sense of aesthetics. It is essential for them to enjoy their sensations and the beautiful things in life.

"The beauty of life is the simple things."

ISFP follow the motto "Live and let live". In their behavior, they are usually pleasant, unobtrusive and can get along well with other people. They are good-natured, cheerful, humble and strive for harmony in their relationships and themselves. They are reluctant to put pressure on others, take on leadership positions or put themselves in the center. They understand each other much better at lightening up their surroundings and can usually deal well with children and animals thanks to their relaxed and relaxed manner.

+ Good sense of aesthetics, taste and the finer things in life
+ Recognize the needs of others well, like to help and support others, service-oriented
+ Are friendly, harmonious, cooperative and easy-going with people
+ Can create a relaxed, harmonious atmosphere
+ Good at designing everything in the field of leisure activities and entertainment
+ Can solve problems well, are flexible, practice-oriented and adaptable

Ron Weasley
(Movie character, Harry Potter)
Obelix (Cartoon character, Asterix)
Charlie Brown (Cartoon character, The Peanuts)
Hurley (Series character, LOST)

Boris Becker (Tennis player)