What are the real estate agents' biggest problems

Dear group members;

I founded this group for real estate agents almost a year ago. As of today we have over 4899 members. My goal is to facilitate the exchange of experiences among the members and to give brokers a platform for networking and mutual success.

However, I did not expect that some of the group members would use the group to offer their own objects and use this platform as a free advertising medium. There is also the marketplace.

And over 80% are inactive "observers", whom I would like to motivate to actively participate. Ask questions and be happy to pass on tips.


All real estate agents have the shortage of attractive real estate in exclusive sales. Because only those who have something to sell can earn money. Depending on which source you read, there are between 30,000 and 40,000 real estate agents in Germany alone. And especially in the last few years, the number of brokers who are new to the market has increased significantly. This means that it is becoming more and more difficult to get attractive properties for exclusive distribution. On the other hand, there is the mistrust on the part of the potential seller of a property. In addition, internet portals with huge marketing budgets are pushing brokers more and more into a corner.


Of course, even with such a market situation there are always winners and losers. In short, the losers are the brokers who have a permanent shortage of objects and who have to "fight" with the mass of brokers for objects for sale on their own ...

And the winners are the real estate agents who always get attractive properties on their own and charge good commissions because they have a constant influx of properties on their own.


To explain: Automated real estate acquisition is breaking new ground, still unknown to many real estate agents, via the Internet, a webinar for real estate sellers and automated building of trust via e-mail. In addition, real estate agents make themselves independent of the large real estate portals.

With this approach you as a real estate agent have an absolutely unfair advantage over other real estate agents in the region, because he / she ...

- Reached the currently relevant property sellers in the region.

- Informs automatically and without expenditure of time about one's own services and the benefits that arise for the property seller.

- Even before the first personal appointment, the real estate sellers listened to the real estate agent with full attention for 30 to 60 minutes in the webinar.

- At the first personal appointment, there is an atmosphere of trust in the broker, because the corresponding preparatory work was done in the webinar.

- has an ongoing influx of new properties for sale, because certain measures ensure that more and more property sellers from the region attend the webinar.

- has and communicates a clear differentiation from other brokers.

- has a clear system from the first contact to the sole order and uses it permanently.

In the end, you solve the biggest problem of all real estate agents with automated real estate acquisition, because every real estate agent is always looking for properties for exclusive sale.


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I wish you a successful week

With best regards from Bad Lippspringe

Walter Eisele

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