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For the self-employed, those responsible for warehouse and logistics, managing directors, etc. as well as for the average consumer, there are a few points that should be considered when buying a new metal shelf. Below are a few questions to help you choose a shelf.

  • · Location (Where should the shelf be? Is it inside or outside? Is it in the basement, in the shop or in the living room?)
  • · Dimensions (How big and wide can or should it be? How much space do I have?)
  • · Optical aspect (What does the environment look like? What color should the shelf be? Should it be pinned or screwed? Is it okay if you see holes? Should the design be more neutral or more modern)
  • · Price (Which shelf fits my budget?)
  • · Function (What should be placed / put on the shelf? What is it used for? How many kilos does it have to withstand? Do I want to be able to expand the system?)

When looking for a suitable metal shelf, one should above all think of the function and to do this one should take a closer look at the floor. Because not all floors are the same. Depending on what the shelves have to withstand, you can choose between storage shelves with wood or metal shelves. Wood and steel are two different materials that, although they have similarities, like

  • · A high resilience
  • · A slow aging and
  • · Easy processing

But you should still be aware that the more a shelf like this has to withstand, the more robust it has to be. If you buy a metal shelf to leave it outdoors, for example, we advise you to look for a galvanized metal shelf. Galvanizing protects the metal from rust and other damage. For Workshop, Kitchens in the hotel and hospitality industry, Gyms or Hospitals Galvanized boltless shelves with steel mesh are particularly suitable as these shelves

  • · Are extremely resilient and stable
  • · Can withstand moisture, snow and other liquids very well
  • · Robust against liquids from dangerous goods
  • · Easy to clean and
  • · Are easy to assemble

In addition, these shelves are also compatible with the RIVET plug-in system with wooden panels.

The combination of metal and wood is also very often seen in metal shelves that have to withstand a lot of load. The supports and frames of the shelves are made of metal and the floor is made of wood. But not all wooden floors are the same; there are different thicknesses and finishes, each suitable for a different use.

Chipboard is classified according to the UNE-EN 31 guideline as follows:

  • · P1 for general use in dry environment.
  • · P2 for indoor applications in a dry environment.
  • · P3 for non-load-bearing purposes in a damp environment
  • · P4 for use in dry environments
  • · P5 for the load-bearing purpose in a damp environment
  • · P6 for high performance in dry environments
  • · P7 for high performance in humid environments

Within this classification, a further distinction can be made between the types HDF (High Density Fibreboard), MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) and LMF (Low Density Fibreboard). The advantages of these high-density fibreboards (HDF) are:

  • · High quality thanks to the polished and shiny surface
  • · High moisture resistance: moisture absorption without deformation and low swelling behavior
  • · Fungal resistant
  • Higher impact and torsion resistance than conventional panels thanks to the high compression density (> 800 kg / m3)
  • · The surface can be painted in the best possible way
  • · Recyclable and biodegradable

Visually, you hardly notice any difference to HDF and MDF boards at first. But we will explain it to you. In contrast to the compression-molded MDF boards, the HDF boards consist of wood fibers that are soaked in glue and pressed under heat. This makes the boards more flexible and therefore more stable than the MDF boards. In contrast to the galvanized plug-in shelves with steel grids, the HDF panels are particularly suitable for indoor use in dry areas.

Master Regale is also enthusiastic about the function of these panels and is therefore now also offering the new one RIVET heavy duty shelving at.

We, as professional shelf providers, know that the search for the ideal shelf can be quite complicated and that normal consumers are confronted with a lot of technical terms. This is why Master Regale makes it easier for you to search with a shelf configurator in order to quickly find a suitable shelf at a fair price. Put your metal shelf together now and convince yourself of the quality and stability of our products!