People put ketchup on their feet

Eggs set with tomatoes

El Egg is a very versatile food as it can be made, boiled, poached, fried in many ways ... and regardless of how it is made, it's great. That's why I brought you one today the usual recipe And I love that, a couple of curdled eggs with tomatoes that can be accompanied by a couple of good fried potatoes.

With these simple recipes we can make recipes as rich as they are not much time. Plus, the little ones in the house will love being able to dip bread in those eggs and tomato sauce.



  • 2 fried tomato stones.
  • Eggs
  • salt


To make this curdled egg with tomato recipe, let's prepare that Ketchup. In particular, I used fried tomato stones, but if you prefer, you can make it homemade. Then we put these stones in a pan over low heat.

While the tomato warms up a bit, we crack and Put the eggs in a separate plateso that the yolk does not break, although nothing else happens. To do this, we put a little salt on the egg yolk.

Later, when we see the first bubbles in which the tomato begins to cook, we add the eggs and leave Leave on for at least 5 minutes. There should be a separation between egg and egg so the whites don't come together.

The point the egg is set is when that clear is already completely white and curdled. Good eggs, the yolks must be raw. I hope you like it and you like this recipe. Have fun!.

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