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Most expensive car in the world: Top-10 Most expensive cars ever

Exclusivity is just as natural for the world's most expensive car as the seven-digit price. This is the top 10 of the currently most expensive cars ever!

This top 10 is about the most exclusive and expensive cars (currently sold) in the world! What is called a "series model" here usually hardly exceeds the double-digit range in terms of the number of pieces. And "expensive" means nothing other than exorbitant amounts in the millions. If we put all ten cars together, the buyer would have to shell out more than 32 million euros. At this equivalent value, everything is included, from electric cars to V12 and W16 engines. Despite the immensely high prices, many of our top 10 most expensive cars in the world are sold out long before production starts. And not only that: The waiting lists often exceed the circulation many times over. In order not to be completely overwhelmed by the price insanity, individual items and cars with insane auction prices do not enter the gallery. We also only selected the most expensive model of a brand. For this, we require a street legal, after all, you want to show the beautiful piece on the boulevard. And now have fun with the top 10 most expensive cars in the world!More on the topic: super athletes

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The Lotus Evija in the video:


Top 10 most expensive cars in the world

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