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  1. Parrot has expanded its Anafi range to include a version with a thermal sensor. The 4K camera remains on board, but the price is a lot higher than the basic version.

    04/16/20198 CommentsVideo
  2. Anafi is the name of the new 4-K quadcopter from Parrot. The drone is small, foldable and has a 21 megapixel camera with a gimbal. This time, the manufacturer also delivers the controller.

    06/06/20189 CommentsVideo
  3. Parrot introduces a small camera drone and an improved large camera drone. The Mambo FPV and the Bebop 2 Power made you want more when you tried them out - but are not suitable for everyone.
    A hands-on by Alexander Merz

    09/29/20175 CommentsVideo
  4. Parrot's new quadcopter Bebop 2 Power not only flies longer and can be started by hand, but also comes with other innovations.

    09/18/20176 CommentsVideo
  5. The Parrot Mambo FPV offers beginners a complete package for drone races: The set consists of the Mambo quadcopter, a camera and a headset into which the user can insert his smartphone. However, the copter is not that fast - the target group is more likely to be beginners and fun pilots.

    15.09.201714 CommentsVideo
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  2. Dr. August Oetker Nahrungsmittel KG, Bielefeld
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  1. The Parrot Bebop 2 comes in a special edition for brokers: Together with software from Pix4D, the quadcopter can create 3D models of buildings. However, buying the components individually is cheaper.

    12/13/20160 CommentsVideo
  2. The market is apparently oversaturated with quadcopters. Parrot therefore wants to open up a new niche with a more traditional design. Flying doesn't get any more complicated, as we found out.
    A hands-on by Alexander Merz

    09.09.201659 CommentsVideo
  3. Ifa 2016 Parrot presents two new toy drones at the International Consumer Electronics Fair in Berlin (Ifa). While the Parrot Swing is reminiscent of an X-Wing fighter with its wings, the Parrot Mambo can shoot balls and grab objects. Nobody has to be afraid of it.

    08/31/2016 12 CommentsVideo
  4. The Parrot Disco is an aircraft drone with image transmission on smartphone VR glasses, with which the pilot on the ground can see the world from the drone's point of view. The Parrot Disco should go up to 80 km / h.

    08/24/2016 40 CommentsVideo
  5. The Phantom 4 comes on the market almost a year after the last update of the DJI drones - even then, the quadcopters offered a very good price-performance ratio. The current model attracts new pilots with beginner-friendly functions.
    From Martin Wolf

    15.03.201615 CommentsVideo
  1. CES 2016 copter was yesterday: Parrot's new drone disco has wings. To start it is shaken and then thrown.

    01/05/20168 CommentsVideo
  2. In the past weeks and months we have tried out electronic toys and handicraft sets for electronics and programming beginners. An overview for the wish list for Christmas.
    By Alexander Merz

    11.12.201517 CommentsVideo
  3. Parrot's new drone can stay in the air longer and fly a pre-defined route. We looked to see if it was worth buying.
    By Alexander Merz

    01.12.201510 CommentsVideo
  1. With the Bebop 2, Parrot has presented a new generation of its quadcopter with a built-in camera that can be flown using a smartphone, tablet or radio remote control. The new drone flies longer and faster, although it is heavier.

  2. Def Con 23 The Parrot drone Bebop can be brought down or even hijacked with a simple data packet via WLAN. This is what a security researcher reported at the Defcon conference.

    08/11/20155 CommentsVideo
  3. Insanely fast and very sensitive: Flying the Simulus Quadrocopter QR-X350.Pro is an experience. But by the time we can take off, we have almost lost the desire for the agonizing assembly - and then the aircraft falls like a stone from the sky.
    By Tobias Költzsch and Martin Wolf

    07/22/201584 CommentsVideo
  1. Parrot presented new remote-controlled RC models, we tried them out. We especially enjoyed the new boat model.
    By Alexander Merz

    08.07.201512 CommentsVideo
  2. Parrot has presented numerous new drones that can be controlled with a smartphone. Some of the 13 new models drive, others fly and one can even swim.

    06/15/20153 CommentsVideo
  3. Intuitive flying pleasure for beginners and high image quality - that is what the Parrot Bebop quadcopter promises. We had a few highs.
    From Martin Wolf

    05/17/2015 110 CommentsVideo
  1. At Christmas, drones will be on many wish lists. Where can you fly? And film? What can I publish? We answer the most important questions.
    From Eike Kühl

  2. For many a YouTube filmmaker, a teleprompter would be a blessing: With the Parrot, such a reading aid can be set up with little effort. All you need is a smartphone and an app that can scroll and mirror the text line by line.

    12/15/201412 CommentsVideo
  3. Flying fish: Parrot has shown its camera drone with fisheye lens and the associated Skycontroller. tried the drone.

    11/27/201462 CommentsVideo
  1. At an event in Berlin, Parrot announced the start of sales for its new mini drones and announced the prices. was able to try them out a little.

    25.06.201438 CommentsVideo
  2. In a YouTube video, Hugo Silva shows how he controls a drone with the help of hand and arm movements. He told how it works and how it came about.
    By Alexander Merz

    06/18/201412 CommentsVideo
  3. With the Bebop, Parrot has introduced a new generation of drones. With her and the Oculus Rift, the pilot can take a seat in the cockpit and direct her camera image with head movements.

  4. CES 2014 Parrot introduces a quadcopter that can drive and a jumping driving robot. Both are slated to hit the market later this year.

    01/06/20147 CommentsVideo
  5. Parrot has presented a retrofit GPS module for the AR.Drone 2.0, with which the quadcopter's course can be set on a map. The drone then flies it off with a film.

  6. With the Flower Power plant sensor, Parrot wants to help hobby gardeners who are not blessed with a green thumb. There are tips on the iPhone or Android device to help the plants survive.

  7. The Parrot Asteroid Smart is a new Android-based navigation and multimedia system with a 6.2-inch touchscreen. was already able to take a look at the device intended for installation in the center console of cars, which offers apps, navigation, video, music and handsfree telephony.

  8. CES 2012 The star designer Philippe Starck designed a headset for smartphone users for Parrot - and implemented some sensible ideas in the process.

    01/10/20125 CommentsVideo
  9. CES 2012 Parrot presented the second generation of its AR.Drone at the CES: a quadcopter that can be controlled by smartphone or tablet. The new version can fly higher, can be steered more precisely and has an HD camera.

    01/09/201259 CommentsVideo
  10. Thanks to an SDK for Parrots AR.Drone, it is also possible to control the drone remotely with devices other than an iPod or iPad. If Apple's iOS devices are too small for you, you can use one size larger thanks to the work of the UMass Lowell Robotics Lab and Microsoft's Surface.

  11. CES 2011 Parrot is showing Asteroid at CES, a so-called car receiver, a computer that can be installed in a car's radio slot and runs on Android. It is supplied with a GPS dongle and can also be expanded to include UMTS.

    01/07/201165 CommentsVideo
  12. Parrot's AR.Drone will soon be launched through the electronics store Saturn. was able to test fly the quadrocopter in advance and was surprised how well it works.

    07/02/2010 108 CommentsVideo
  13. CES 2010 With its AR.Drone, Parrot is showing a quadcopter that is controlled by iPhone and, thanks to an integrated camera and WiFi, sends live images to the smartphone. The device is intended, among other things, for game developers.

    01/06/2010 127 CommentsVideo
  14. Patrick Michaud, responsible for the release of Perl 6 Rakudo, has commented on a planned release date. Rakudo is expected to appear in April 2010. Michaud does not want to use the terms "finished" or "stable" for this.

  15. Version 1.0 of the Parrot virtual machine developed for Perl 6 has been released. Parrot will be used as a bytecode interpreter in Perl 6, but it also supports other dynamic languages.

  16. There are plenty of digital picture frames in electronics stores - there are no major differences between them. One of the exceptions is the 7-inch device now presented by the French company Parrot, which has its own telephone number to receive and display photos from mobile phones via MMS. The Parrot DF7700 can be loaded with pictures while the photographer is still on the move with his mobile phone camera to provide loved ones at home with the latest picture material.

  17. The French company Parrot presented Bluetooth speakers and photo frames at CeBIT 2006. The company, originally from the automotive sector, is thus expanding its range to include home users. From now on, they can send pictures from their mobile phones to picture frames via Bluetooth or wirelessly listen to music via 60-watt stereo speakers.

  1. Communication to the public
    TV-Gema gets 46 million euros from Kabel Deutschland

    In a legal dispute that has lasted for years, there is now a judgment against the TV cable network operator Kabel Deutschland. It is only a matter of secondary use through the public broadcasting of the TV program in hotels, hospitals, fitness studios and prisons.

  2. Watchever also offers series and films offline

    Vivendi's new streaming service Watchever offers television series and feature films for EUR 8.99 a month. Various platforms, original sound and downloads for viewing while on the go are supported.

  3. The iPad Mini is only half as heavy as an iPad, very thin and has good battery life. But with the narrow frame and the strange stereo construction, Apple does something that hardly any other tablet manufacturer dares to do. Our test clarifies how well this works.
    (Ipad Mini Test)

  4. Amazon's new e-book reader lights up

    After competitor Barnes & Noble, Amazon has now also presented an e-book reader with integrated lighting. In addition, the Kindle Paperwhite has got a new display that offers more contrast and a higher pixel density.
    (Kindle Paperwhite)

  5. Deadly firearm to print yourself

    The aim of the US Defense Distributed project is to have a firearm constructed using a 3D printer. However, a crowdfunding platform did not want to support this and removed the project.
    (3d print)

  6. Google Wallet supports all major credit cards

    Google has expanded its digital wallet called Wallet. All major credit cards are now supported. Google no longer stores the credit card data in the Android application, but on its own servers.
    (Google Wallet)

  7. Touchscreen phones with 40 EA games

    Nokia introduces two new Asha models that are equipped with a touchscreen. The Asha user interface should enable a smartphone-like operation and 40 games from Electronics Arts (EA) are preinstalled on the devices.
    (Nokia Asha)

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