How do you see anonymous questions

How to find out who wrote f3 anonymous questions

How to find out who asked a question in f3 is a problem that users of this social network often come across. This application was specially created for anonymous queries. This opportunity is happy until a provocative or shocking request arrives. There is a desire to find the author. The article says if it is possible to find out the sender.


Is it possible to find out who asked me a question in f3 ??

It is worth considering what type of chat it is. This is a unique utility for communication. The user must go to the official portal to download the product. The site and application storage depend on the operating system the phone is running on.

The program is downloaded to the gadget. Your own account is registered. An avatar and personal data are entered. Then the texts are written. You can be open and anonymous. The second option is considered preferred.

You can send messages or post text about the story, create interesting content. You can visualize or decorate it in many ways. You can use emoticons, videos and pictures. The latter is taken from the gallery on a smartphone or removed by removing it and immediately sending it to the interlocutor.

Such a desire is contrary to the purpose of the program. There are no official options for solving this problem. Developers do everything to ensure that the information is not passed on. It is impossible to request data on the authors of texts for a fee.

Information in the application is recorded. It's stored in the gut of the internet. But the most advanced hackers won't be able to get it. Developers themselves can show what the user writes, but only on request:

  • State structures;
  • Tax organization;
  • Prosecution.

Knowing this impossibility, fraudsters are activated. The network is invited to go to special portals, pay, download and see the secret information about who wrote. This is a scam.

If you turn to such people, you can lose money and put your profile at risk. Lose reputation and personal information. Fraudsters request a password and login.

How to find out who asked an anonymous question in f3?

How do I find out who wrote f3 anonymous questions? There are different possibilities. They do not give a guaranteed result. However, you can rest assured that the methods will not harm the user or the PC. Here are the most basic:

  1. An attempt to expose the user through cunning. You can ask key questions. Weak and inattentive people quickly parted and wrote an answer.
  2. Inserting a trap link to an application profile on Instagram, VK or OK.

The person follows the link trap. Asks a question. His name is automatically set and known in the application.

In summary

The application is useful. You can ask questions and respond immediately. It is legally impossible to identify the author of anonymous questions. Workarounds are used. But the essence of the portal is lost as a result. Application anonymity is the main purpose. A person can understand their identity being inadvertently revealed. He will no longer want to send a request. Will not express an opinion on a friend. By disseminating this information, the portal runs the risk of losing users. Because a lot of attention is paid to privacy.