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Instagram Tips & Tricks: 23 Hidden Features

Instagram is now considered one of the most popular social media platforms worldwide - and not just for teenagers and millennials. This is also confirmed by statistics: According to a study by the Pew Research Center, 35% of all adults who are active in social networks are also represented on Instagram. And there are more and more. In comparison, the share on Twitter is significantly lower at just 24%.

In addition, Instagram users are usually extremely active. 38% even use the app several times a day.

The app is no longer only used by private individuals. Because in view of its growing popularity, it is also becoming more and more interesting and relevant for companies. Regardless of whether you as a personnel officer are keen to bring your corporate culture outward, whether you as a marketer are entrusted with expanding the reach of your company, or whether you just want to get the most out of your private blog - Instagram offers you a whole range of functions to help you achieve this goal effectively.

And so that you can fully exploit the possibilities of the app, we would like to introduce you to some functions in this article that may be new to you, but that you should definitely be familiar with.

23 hidden Instagram features

  1. Enable Instagram post notifications
  2. Spice up Instagram Bio with fonts
  3. View Instagram profiles even without your own account
  4. See all Instagram posts tagged with "Likes" in one place
  5. Manage multiple Instagram accounts on one device
  6. Schedule Instagram posts (and post them automatically)
  7. Archive Instagram posts in collections
  8. Label Instagram stories & create gifs
  9. Set Instagram story highlights
  10. Get recommendations on interesting subscriptions
  11. Avoid accidentally liking Instagram posts
  12. Hide, delete or deactivate comments on Instagram posts
  13. Clear Instagram search history
  14. Rearrange or hide Instagram filters
  15. Use Instagram for photo editing only
  16. Insert line breaks in profiles and captions
  17. Hide Instagram posts where you have been tagged
  18. In principle, you can only display Instagram posts in which you have been tagged manually
  19. Filter Instagram posts by location
  20. Use Instagram to increase the click rates of external content
  21. Share Instagram photos on Pinterest
  22. Hide irrelevant advertisements
  23. Send posts in personal messages

23 tips and tricks for everything to do with Instagram

Note: Before you get started, we recommend that you update Instagram to the latest version. Also note that all of the features listed in this article are available on both iPhone / iPad and Android devices. Since the steps to be carried out hardly differ, we usually only refer to one of the operating systems for the sake of simplicity.

1. Activate Instagram post notifications

Surely there is one or the other user whom you find particularly interesting and whose contributions you definitely don't want to miss. No problem! Easily get notified when these users post a new photo.

To do this, go to the profile of a user, tap the menu icon with the three dots in the upper right corner and select the option “Activate post notifications” in the menu that appears.

If you want to turn off post notifications again, repeat the same steps and select “Disable Post Notification”. Please note, however, that you will only receive these notifications if you have also specified in your general app settings that you allow notifications from Instagram. To do this, proceed as follows:

  • On an iPhone / iPad: Tap Settings, then Notifications. Select “Instagram” and activate the option “Allow messages”.
  • On an Android device: Tap Settings, then Apps, and then Instagram. In the next step, select “Notifications” and then activate the “Allow notifications” option.

2. Spice up Instagram Bio with fonts

The Instagram profile (also: Bio) is used to briefly introduce yourself or your company. It is displayed directly below the profile photo and thus makes a decisive contribution to the first impression others get of your profile. Instagram already offers the option of inserting emojis here, but only those that every smartphone keyboard includes as standard.

Here, however, you can use a very simple trick to give your section letter a special touch: Use a font that is rarely seen on Instagram. All you need is a website where you can display your text in different fonts and copy it from there to your Instagram profile. To do this, proceed as follows:

On mobile devices:

Open LingoJam (or a similar website) and enter the text you want in the text box above. This will then be displayed in the field below in different fonts.

Highlight and copy the text in the font that you want to transfer. Open Instagram and navigate to your profile. Tap on "Edit profile", then on "Wanted poster" and paste the copied text into the field that appears.

On laptops / desktop computers:

If you edit your Instagram profile on a laptop or desktop computer, you can also take advantage of websites like Font Space, which offer different fonts for download. With Font Space it works as follows: Open the website, choose a font and click on “Download” under it.

A folder will then be downloaded that contains, among other things, a TTF file. This is where you will find your font, including different versions. The TTF file looks something like this:

Select the first line and copy it to the clipboard. Log in to Instagram.com, select "Edit profile" and paste the copied text into your profile. In the last step, overwrite the sample text with your personal profile.

3. View Instagram profiles even without your own account

Of course, it would be very much in the spirit of the inventor that everyone who looks around on Instagram also creates an account. But you don't have to. You can also view Instagram profiles without logging in first.

There are two ways you can do this:

1. Search for "www.instagram.com/username"

If you know the username of the user whose profile you would like to view, enter “www.instagram.com/” in the address bar of your browser and add the relevant username after the slash.

In the case of our own profile, you would search for the following address: www.instagram.com/hubspotdach. You can then browse through this user's contributions at your leisure. But not only that! This little trick also gives you access to general Instagram search.

Because using the search line, which you can see in the middle at the top of the screen, you can now also search for users whose user names you do not know.

2. Search for "site: instagram.com [username]"

With the Google Site Search, specific websites can be searched, including Instagram.com. With such a search query, you can quickly, easily and effectively narrow down Google search results to Instagram posts by a specific user.

To do this, simply enter the following in the search line "site: instagram.com [name of user].“

You can then swap the name as you like in order to search for different people or companies one after the other. As long as you put "site: instagram.com" in front of it, Google will just search on Instagram. Below you can see the whole thing illustrated using the example of HubSpot. As you can see, Google lists our general profile “HubSpot”, our profiles “HubSpot Life” and “HubSpot Academy” as well as Instagram posts that have been tagged with our hashtag #hubspot.

4. View all Instagram posts that have been "liked" in one place

Instagram offers the option of bundling all posts that you have previously marked with "Like". To do this, open your profile and tap on the gear symbol or the three dots in the upper right corner to open the settings. If you then select “Posts you like”, all the posts that you have previously marked accordingly will be displayed.

You can un-like a post in the same way that you originally tagged it: go to the post in question and tap (now again) the heart icon in the lower left corner. Don't worry - the user in question will not be informed.

5. Manage multiple Instagram accounts on one device

If you over multiple Instagram accounts it is a good idea to connect them in order to be able to access all accounts from one device. To do this, proceed as follows:

  1. Call up your profile and tap on the gear symbol or the three dots in the upper right corner to open the settings.
  2. Scroll all the way down and tap Add Account.
  3. Enter the username and password for the account you want to add.

To switch to a different account, press and hold your profile picture on the navigation bar until all connected accounts appear, then select the one you want. Alternatively, you can switch to another account via the settings (see screenshot under tip 6).

6. Schedule Instagram posts (and post them automatically)

Given that Instagram is a mobile app, posts are mostly spontaneous. You can also plan the publication of articles in advance on the computer.

There are only two requirements to be met: You need an Instagram business profile and you must have linked this to your social media management tool, or HubSpot. If so, open Instagram, switch to your business profile and link it to your Facebook page according to the instructions.

Depending on which tool you use to plan your social media content, the last step may be omitted. If you then open your management tool and navigate to your linked accounts, you should now be able to select “Instagram”.

7. Archive Instagram posts in collections

The function described in tip no. 4 is not the only way to display certain posts in a bundle. Instagram also enables photos and videos to be combined or archived in so-called collections.

To do this, open your profile and tap on the bookmark symbol on the right above your photos in the menu bar.

Select the “Collections” tab and tap the plus symbol in the upper right corner to create a new collection.

Name your collection and tap Next. If you would like to save contributions to this collection in the future, simply tap the bookmark symbol on the right under the relevant photos or videos.

The next time you go to your profile and tap the bookmark icon, you will see all of your saved posts there. To add these to a specific collection, select the relevant collection and tap on “Add to collection”. Then select all the posts that you want to save in this collection.

8. Label Instagram Stories & create Instagram Gifs

Instagram Stories are posts that are displayed in a separate area and only for a short time - all stories are automatically deleted after 24 hours. Since Stories are displayed at the very top of the Instagram homepage, this function is ideal for drawing users' attention to yourself.

Since this is not exactly an insider tip, you have to come up with something to stand out from the crowd. A pretty filter is not enough. But Stories offer you a function with which you can add text and Instagram gifs to your photos, similar to Snapchat, and thus give them a special touch.

To access the Stories feature right from your feed, just swipe right. This will automatically open your camera function. Take a photo or video and tap the "A" or "Aa" in the upper right corner:

Now you can choose from five different fonts: Modern, neon, typewriter, fat and Classic. Here is an example of the "Modern" font:

9. Extend the life of your stories with Instagram story highlights

As already mentioned, stories, similar to Snapchat posts, are automatically deleted after 24 hours. This can sometimes be very practical, but in the case of particularly well-done stories it is sometimes a shame to lose the content again.

And this is where the “Instagram Story Highlights” function comes into play. This allows you to permanently save stories that you want to keep by creating your own folders - highlights - for them on your profile page. And this is how it works: Open your profile, tap the “New” button (the plus symbol) under your description and select one or more of your past stories to create a highlight.

Image source: Instagram

In the next step, select a cover picture and name the new highlight. If you then go back to your profile, the highlight you just created will be displayed as a new story under your stretch letter. To delete a highlight again, hold it down until a menu is displayed in which you can then select "Delete highlight".

10. Get recommendations on interesting subscriptions

Instagram offers an extremely simple and effective way to get suggestions for interesting new subscriptions. Just take a look at which posts users who have subscribed to you have recently commented or “liked” them.

To do this, tap on the heart symbol in the menu bar at the bottom of your home page. You will then be sent a list of all comments and "likes" Their own Photos displayed. If you now switch to the "Subscribed" tab at the top, you can see the activities of the users you are following.

11. Avoid accidentally liking Instagram posts

Instagram makes it pretty easy for its users to "like" a photo - all they have to do is double-tap it.

And that can easily happen accidentally. But there's a simple trick you can use to avoid inadvertently liking photos: just turn on airplane mode before viewing posts. You are on the safe side, because photos cannot be “liked” without internet access.

Make sure, however, that you load your feed first and then activate flight mode, as no posts can be loaded when flight mode is activated. When you're at the bottom of your feed and you'd like to see more posts, simply turn off airplane mode temporarily until more photos have loaded.

This may sound a little awkward at first, but in the end it is a quick, simple and effective method to prevent posts being unintentionally “Like”. To activate airplane mode, do the following:

  • On an iPhone / iPad: Swipe up from the bottom of the screen on your device, and tap the airplane icon. Alternatively, you can activate the airplane mode under "Settings" with the slider next to "Airplane mode" at the top.
  • On an Android device: Swipe down from the top of the screen on your device. In the menu that appears, tap the airplane icon to activate offline mode. If this is not displayed here, you can alternatively activate the offline mode under “Settings”> “Connections”> “Offline mode”.

12. Hide, delete or deactivate comments on Instagram posts

Compared to Twitter, it is much easier on Instagram to prevent unwanted comments on your posts. This possibility is especially important for companies. There are basically three methods available to you for this:

1. Activate keyword filter for comments:

In your profile, navigate to the "Settings" menu and then (if necessary via "Privacy and security") to the comment settings. Here you can now specify that offensive comments should be automatically hidden. You can also enter keywords yourself to filter out comments that contain them.

2. Remove unwanted comments:

Find the post that has the unwanted comment and tap the balloon (Comment) icon at the bottom. Now navigate to the comment in question and slide your finger lightly over it from right to left. A recycle bin will appear. If you now tap on this, the comment will be deleted. You can also remove your own comments in this way.

3. Deactivate comments:

First of all, it should be noted that comments can only be deactivated for individual posts and not generally for your entire profile.

Here's how it works: Create your post as you normally would until you get to the page where you can add a caption, hashtags, and a location. At this point, tap on "Advanced Settings" and then on "Deactivate Comments".

13. Clear Instagram search history

If you are one of those who like to delete their search history on a regular basis, you can now be happy: This is also possible on Instagram!