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My 7 favorite bleach moments

Bleach is one of my all-time favorite series and both manga and anime have a very special place in my heart. The adventures of Deputy Shinigami Ichigo Kurosaki and his friends have inspired me from the start and accompanying them on their journey, laughing or crying with them, has always given me a lot of joy.

On August 22, 2016 the time had come: after 15 years and a total of 686 chapters, another popular series came to an end with Bleach; to date, Tite Kubo's manga has sold over 90 million copies worldwide, making Bleach one of the most successful manga series of all time. I have been following the series with great enthusiasm for many years and associate many dear memories with it. When KAZÉ announced at the beginning of January that they had been able to secure the license to do the anime for Bleach, I was, as you can probably imagine, very happy about it. And already this month, more precisely on May 26th, Volume 1 with the first 20 episodes will be published by us. Reason enough to review my favorite moments from the series and take you on a journey through my favorite Bleach memories :)

7th place) Ichigo becomes a shinigami

Your family ... do you want to save them?

Of course, such a list has to start somewhere and what moment could be better for it than when our hero's adventure really begins? 15-year-old Ichigo Kurosaki has always been able to see ghosts, but for a long time he never thought of it. However, this is set to change on a fateful day when he encounters a mysterious girl named Rukia, who walks around in strange robes and carries a sword. Both should get to know each other faster than they expected, because a hollow (a lost, depraved soul) is after Ichigo's family and Rukia, who turns out to be a Shinigami (god of death), is too weak to defeat the monster Which is why she makes Ichigo a risky offer: If he really wants to protect his family, he must throw himself into the blade of her sword to absorb her Shinigami powers. He doesn't hesitate for a second, and much later Ichigo has the power to destroy the hollow and save his family.

This scene gets the story rolling and is therefore an important key moment in Bleach, because here we not only get to know two of our future main characters, but also experience the beginning of their friendship and the trust that they put in one another. Quite apart from the fact that Ichigo's enormous potential is also hinted at and the moment when he kills the hollow was staged just because of the, in my opinion, great music, just damn badass: D

6th place) memories in the rain

She was the center around which everyone circled. And I had stolen this center from us.

At the beginning of the story we not only learn about Ichigo's special ability, but also get a glimpse into his family life: Together with his two younger sisters Yuzu and Karin, he lives with their father, who has to raise his three children alone. The mother of the children is mentioned from time to time, which is why we get a pretty good picture of Masaki Kurosaki, but it gradually becomes clear that something must have happened to her mother in the past. We later learn that Ichigo, when he was a little boy himself, appeared to see the ghost of a deceased girl, but at that time he could not yet distinguish between the spirits and the living. While trying to reach the girl, Ichigo's life was in danger because he fell into a river whose current threatened to drown him. Only later does it become clear that at that time a hollow also had its claws in the game and used an illusion to attract unsuspecting victims. When the monster attacked Ichigo, his mother threw herself in between, and so Masaki sacrificed herself to save her son - an event for which Ichigo still blames himself years later and which weighs heavily on his soul.

This tragic moment burned itself into my mind, which is certainly also related to the picture Ichigo and his family draw of Masaki. At the same time, this moment is crucial and character-building for Ichigo himself, because all he wants is to protect the people he loves; certainly also because he failed once and never wants to experience this pain again. To find out why Masaki is no longer there and what the circumstances of her death really meant touched me, then as now, deeply and moved me to tears.

5th place) Ichigo unleashes his Bankai for the first time

BAN ... KAI.

After Ichigo had already been a Shinigami for some time and protected the city from dangerous hollows in Rukia's place, it turned out that Rukia had to return to the Soul Society, the home of the Shinigami. To ensure her return, her older brother Byakuya and his subordinate Renji were sent to accompany her. Ichigo stands in their way, but has to learn extremely painfully that he is unable to counter such opponents. Before they disappear, they tell him that Rukia is to be executed in the Soul Society and to prevent that, Ichigo risks everything, but our hero is no match for her big brother Byakuya, even after hard preparations. Once in the Soul Society he is once again subject to his opponent, but with the help of a friend Ichigo manages to awaken his Bankai, the strongest form of his sword, with a particularly merciless and demanding training. In a bitter fight, Ichigo and Byakuya don’t give each other anything and Rukia's older brother is amazed when his opponent suddenly activates his bankai and thus unleashes a power that seems equal to his. However, since Ichigo cannot completely control this power, his body is exposed to enormous pressure and he is pushed more and more into a corner ... until a mysterious, brutal force, his inner hollow, seizes control.

This moment lived mainly through its great build up over the course of some episodes. Little by little breadcrumbs were carefully scattered and when the fight seemed already lost for Ichigo, he grinned cheekily at Byakuya and said that he can now also use the Bankai and Rukia's brother was amazed when Ichigo actually released this power - in the manga you could marvel at this chapter even colored :) - and both engage in a merciless, great-to-watch fight, which up to this point marks the climax of the series; All of this was garnished with a fantastic choreography and a great soundtrack. An absolute highlight :)

4th place) Ichigo's fight against Grimmjow (final)

The one of us who is left standing at the end ... will be able to return home alive !! It's about THAT! And NOTHING else !!!!

After Ichigo was able to save Rukia, the story's real villain, a Soul Society commander named Aizen, was revealed, and he wasn't too good to join forces with Hollows. To achieve his goal, he relies on the help of particularly powerful hollows, so-called arrancars, which come from the world of Hueco Mundo. Ichigo and his friends are confronted several times with the ten most powerful arrancars, but our hero seems to share a special connection especially with two of them, with whom he clashes several times. One of these arrancars is called Grimmjow and actually each of his confrontations with Ichigo deserves to be mentioned on this list, because a tense rivalry develops between the two characters. Ichigo is one of his first opponents whom Grimmjow considers worthy to be killed by him, and Ichigo has felt similarly since his first defeat by the Arrancar; both spur each other on again and again to top performance and push each other to the limit in order to be able to fight against an opponent at the height of his ability.

This fight has a special position for me because both of them give each other absolutely nothing in their final confrontation and encourage each other to repeatedly push themselves to their limits. In addition, this fight shows very well what a strong connection there is between Ichigo and Orihime, which repeatedly encourages our hero in the fight and gives him new strength through her love.


Your last engagement is characterized by beautiful drawings, enormous tension and unbelievable intensity as well as a fantastic choreography; one of the best fights in the entire series and definitely one of my favorite bleach moments :)

3rd place) Ichigo gets his powers back

Ichigo is pierced by Rukia's sword
Prove it to them Ichigo! Show them ... that despair cannot stop you!

In the final fight against Aizen, Ichigo has to put everything on one card in order to defeat his opponent - he even sacrifices his Shinigami powers for his victory. In the following time Ichigo quarreled with his decision, because he can no longer see ghosts or perceive the presence of his Shinigami comrades. When he meets a mysterious man named Ginjo who shows him a way to keep fighting and protecting his friends, our hero draws new hope as his new comrade shows him how to control a completely new force: Fullbring. But in the end it finally comes as it has to: Ginjo betrays Ichigo, steals his newfound powers and laughs at our hero, who is no longer able to protect his friends. Suddenly Rukia appears and pierces Ichigo's chest with the blade of a glowing blue sword: Our hero doesn't know exactly what is happening, but he is amazed when, a fraction of a second later, he is again in full possession of his Shinigami powers.

As it turns out in the course of this episode, the sword Rukia wielded was specially made to restore Ichigo's powers, but it took more power than a Shinigami could muster alone. At the command of the general commander, all commanders and vice commanders gave part of their energy to restore Ichigo's powers - and this should be stronger than ever before. For me, this moment has a special position, as it wonderfully shows what an effect Ichigo has on his friends and comrades, because without him the Shinigami would never have allowed such an action. At the same time, it is made clear how much Ichigo is now and how much it is important to his friends and some former rivals to help him. Apart from that, the subsequent fight between Ginjo and Ichigo was a real blast as well as the last big climax before the anime was unfortunately discontinued after 366 episodes: ´)

2nd place) The ultimate Getsuga Tensho

Ichigo with the final Getsuga Tenshou
I can only use the 'ultimate Getsuga Tensho' ... by becoming ... Getsuga myself.

Everything led to this point, had to lead to this point and my God, the long wait (more than 300 episodes!) Was definitely worth it. Aizen invaded Ichigo's hometown with his Arrancar to destroy his enemies once and for all. An unbelievable number of hard fights followed and even our hero seemed unable to stop his enemy's victory; at least until his father came up with the supposedly saving idea: the ultimate Getsuga Tensho. This is the most powerful technique that he and his son can use, but it takes a heavy toll, because whoever uses it once loses his shinigami powers forever. Ichigo agrees, because this is ultimately the only way to save his friends and together with his father he manages to develop an undreamt-of strength - big enough to even destroy a god. A little later he confronts Aizen and reveals to him that he now has the power to put an end to his activities once and for all and Ichigo finally unleashes the ultimate Getsuga Tensho. Much to the amazement of his counterpart, however, this form does not seem to emit any noticeable energy, but he should quickly be taught better, because Ichigo knocks Aizen down with just a single blow.

This moment lives to a large extent from its grandiose structure over the course of the entire series, as it gradually became increasingly clear that Ichigo would have to defeat this enemy, but what a high price he would pay for it, many did not seem to have expected. Many certainly believed that after this arc and especially this finale, the series would come to an end and many fans (including myself) could have come to terms with it, but two more arcs should follow, which I can also gain a lot from in both of them, although in my opinion they cannot quite match this masterfully staged and almost impossible to achieve showdown.

Ichigo with the final Getsuga Tenshou

The final fight between Ichigo and his opponent was incredibly spectacular to watch, well drawn and staged with a force that is second to none. Ichigo's raw, irrepressible power at that moment was nothing short of incredibly impressive, but he was aware that he would have to sacrifice this power in order to save everything that is dear to him, even if it means giving up part of himself. It almost seemed like an impossibility to bring this fight to a satisfactory end, but Mangaka Tite Kubo succeeded with flying colors - thank you very much for this fantastic goosebumps moment :)

As usual with my articles of this kind, there are of course some Honorable Mentions again :)

Aizen's betrayal, Aizen defeats the commanders, The End (Manga), The Genesis of the Vizards, The Invasion of the Vandenreich (Manga), The commanders reach Hueco Mundo, The Vizards appear in Karakura, Ichigo saves Rukia, Ichigo saves Yuzu (Movie 4), Ichigo versus his Inner Hollow, Ichigo versus Kenpachi Zaraki, Masaki Kurosaki's story (manga), Rangikus and Gin's past

1st place Ichigo's fight against Ulquiorra (final)

You humans use this term as if there is nothing more natural in the world. Just as if it were in your ... Now I understand ... Yes ... In this hand it is ... The heart.

After my exuberant praise for second place, how can it be possible that even a moment could be placed higher than the final fight between Ichigo and Aizen? Well, I would like to try to explain it to you: I already mentioned earlier that Ichigo clashes with some Arrancar several times; one of these special Arrancar is Grimmjow, the other goes by the name Ulquiorra. It is the latter who takes Ichigo's friend Orihime to Hueco Mundo on Aizen's orders and watches over her there so that she does not flee. Over time, a relationship begins to develop between the two of them, which I found extremely exciting, and another special relationship develops between Ulquiorra and Ichigo. Both are looking for a strong opponent, but no matter how hard our hero tries, he simply cannot get anywhere near the strength of his enemy. Ichigo Ulquiorra is subject to battle after battle, until the final confrontation takes place, in the course of which even the Arrancar is forced to unleash his true power: the blades of their swords collide, blood splatters, the ground bursts - until Ichigo opens a hole in it the chest (Ulquiorra's trademark on defeated opponents) lies in the dust. While Ichigo breathes out his life, Ulquiorra already sees himself as the victor, but Orihime's tears awaken a tremendous power in our hero and bring him back to life: He has completely transformed into a hollow and attacks his opponent with merciless brutality. Ichigos tears Ulquiorra's extremities out, hurls them around wildly, rams his head into nearby stone pillars, before Ichigo mercilessly crushes Ulquiorra, who is now lying in the dust at his opponent's feet, with his last attack.

What distinguishes Ulquiorra from his comrades in my opinion is that he develops a real character, to which Kubo also gives a certain depth. With Orihime, for example, he ponders the value of a heart and what it is, and in his final moments he even seems to have found an answer to this question for himself. There is a real rivalry between him and Ichigo, because the Arrancar is surprised more than once at how much his opponent can noticeably improve with every fight. All of this finally culminates in the confrontation of two hollows, for which one of them inevitably has to pay with his life. When Ichigo comes back to his senses and realizes what he has done, it is already too late because Ulquiorra passes before his eyes and turns to dust.


At this moment, or more precisely this fight, everything is just right, from the drawings to the soundtrack to an unbelievable tension. Not to forget the incredibly strong staging of the fight in which Ichigo and Ulquiorra don’t give each other anything. In addition, this fight offers an unimagined range of emotions, from tension, surprise, dismay to grief when one of the best villains of the entire series breathes out his life - an adrenaline-charged and tearful finale and definitely my favorite bleach -Moment :)

These were my 7 favorite bleach moments, but what are your top 7?