What is a wok burner used for?

Wok: what-where-what for?

There are also designer pieces under the woks. namely which the
have their own heating function.

Electric wok? That is a sin against the kitchen god!
This also applies to woks with a non-stick coating.
Ditto for woks with a sandwich base.
The gas fans here are right, the Chinese don't cook with electric stoves - if they do
it can be avoided.

The most important method of cooking with a wok (and that's what the whole wok is
Hype!) Is the selective quick stir frying at a very high temperature (English:
to stir-fry). This means that vegetables, for example, are cooked without being soft-boiled. With
Electric stove and the usual pans with a "sandwich bottom", this is very difficult,
because such a device is designed for permanent heating. The pan (or the
Pot) also stores the heat in the thick base and leaves it on for a long time
Allow the food to take effect. With gas stoves, on the other hand, heating can be stopped immediately
become. That's why a rather thin-walled “sheet metal wok” - like the ones before
recommended to others - makes sense. For a real gas stove there is also a
Wok with a completely curved base is recommended (but then they are
incompatible with electric stoves and not on the dining table without tools

One more thing: Small camping gas stoves and also these small table gas stoves with the
so handy, butane gas bottles to be inserted (look like spray cans)
not really hot enough, but you can come to terms with it.

I mean, if only an electric stove is used, then you can too
use a normal deep pan straight away. A wok is then more “optics”.

For a total newbie I would recommend a good Chinese first
Cookbook to get an idea of ​​what stir fry is like
is working. Who has access / insight into the kitchen of a Chinese restaurant (or
also because of me an Italian-Mexican-Turkish-Chinese
Delivery services with a Tamil cook or something like that: smile :, that can of course be in Life-
Watch the action (please do not act like the gentleman from the regulatory office / customs .