Is there Chase Banks in Canada

Pay through a bank account

We can accept bank payments from checking or savings accounts in Australia, Germany, France, Canada, the Netherlands, Austria, the United Kingdom and the United States. In this article you will find all the important information.


In this article:


Which bank accounts can I use with Remitly?

To be used with Remitly, a bank account must meet the following criteria:

  • It must have a valid 9-digit bank code.
  • It must have a valid 10 to 12 digit account number.
  • The name must match the name in your Remitly profile.
  • The address must match the address in your Remitly profile.
  • It must be in the country you are sending money from.

How do I pay with my bank account?

The process of paying with your bank account is slightly different depending on your location.


Would you like to send money from another country? Find out what payment methods are accepted in your country.


How do I pay for a wire transfer from Australia, Canada or the USA using my bank account?

  1. Select the option in the Remitly app or on send money to start the transfer process.
  2. Enter the amount you want to transfer.
  3. Now select the delivery speed. If you want to pay using your bank account, choose Economy.
  4. Select the delivery method.
  5. Enter your recipient's name and contact information.
  6. Enter your address and any other required information.
  7. When prompted to add payment details, select the account type (either checking account or saving account) and enter the bank code, account number, your name and your billing address. You can also choose a short name for the account at this step, such as B. Add "Chase Bank checking account" to make this payment method easier to use in the future.
  8. Choose Confirm and transfer out when you are ready to send the money. That's it!

Where can I find my bank code and account number?

Your bank routing number has 9 digits and is used to uniquely identify the bank location where you opened your account. Your account number is usually 10 to 12 digits long and uniquely identifies your bank account. You can find the information on your checks, in the online portal or in the bank's mobile app, or you can call your bank for information.


Are there any fees?

Some banks may charge additional processing fees. We recommend that you inquire about this directly with your bank.


How long will it take to pay through my bank account?

Bank payments in Australia, Canada, and the United States typically take 3-4 days to process. When sending money from other countries, different times may apply. Find your country in this list for more information.


Can I use my Passbook account?

Yes! You can use your Passbook account number and routing number to pay for a wire transfer. Please note that if you use your Passbook bank account instead of your Passbook Visa debit card to pay, you will not receive a cashback benefit.

Passbook is a bank account for multinational people. There are no overdraft fees, minimum balance, international transaction fees, or service fees. In addition, international transfers will give you money back and a Visa debit card with a flag of your choice. Don't have a passbook yet? Register now.


How do I update my billing information?

If you would like to add or update a payment method, you can do so using the Remitly app or visit our website. You can even add multiple payment methods to your profile and choose the payment method you want when sending a transfer.


What other payment options do I have?

You can pay for your transfer with a credit or debit card. We also accept a number of other payment methods. The options depend on the location. Please see the list of payment options for more information.