How does demographic data help in healthcare

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Projects to avoid, monitor, treat and cure diseases, disability and reduced functionality as well as to organize health and care systems are funded. Projects should as far as possible cover the entire spectrum of the research and innovation cycle and contribute to the translation of research results into care. In contrast to the 7th EU Research Framework Program, the funding opportunities for prevention and health promotion as well as for the aging of the population are being expanded. In particular, ICT-based approaches are also being pursued. The previous program system based on various disease areas is largely abandoned. In addition to traditional EU project funding, there will also be funding opportunities within the framework of public-public and public-private partnerships, which themselves will also receive financial support from Horizon 2020.

Objectives / research priorities

  • Research into health-determining factors and disease processes as the basis for effective, evidence-based health care
  • Development of improved monitoring, forecasting and diagnostic methods
  • Methods, tools and strategies for disease prevention
  • Disease Treatment and Innovations for Disease Management
  • Technologies, systems and services to support active aging and independent living
  • Better use of health data
  • Technologies and concepts for healthcare, nursing and care

Further information can be found on the website of the National Contact Point for Life Sciences.

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