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Rule corner: club throw for possible point gain?

Not upwards, but forwards you sometimes see clubs flying so that the ball can still be reached (© Roscher)

May 19, 2014 - The situation should be familiar: A ball touches the net and drips off shortly behind it, which is actually a safe point for the opponent. In order to still reach the ball, the player throws the stick in its direction. In order for the ball to find its way over the net, it takes a lot of luck. But could you still win points in this way? We want to clarify that in the rule corner!

Of course, such rescue operations are really rarely successful anyway. But how would you decide if you actually bring the ball to the other side and even force the opponent to make a mistake? Would the point count or would the opponent automatically be awarded the point? Do you know the answer? You are welcome to join the discussion and advice in the comment line. For reasons of fairness, however, you should not post the rule paragraph so that others can still guess. We will publish the correct solution on the second page of this article on Wednesday.

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Here you will find the picture gallery for the rule corner with the drawings by our cartoonist Ulli Laven.

And so the current question is:

What happens if a player throws his stick forward after rolling a net in order to still reach the ball, but his hand is no longer on the stick?

a) The rally continues normally
b) Point for the opponent
c) The ball is valid if it leads to the direct point

You can find the solution on the second page!