Why do people buy psychology

Shopping Psychology: Why We Buy Things We Don't Need

Everyone does it: bad purchases that eventually clog the wardrobe. But why is that actually? Three questions for brain researcher Dr. Hans-Georg Häusel.

BARBARA.de: There are people who have their closets full of things they don't need. Are bad purchases actually type thing?

How often you make bad purchases also depends on what type you are. There are people who are generally more disciplined. Others, the hedonists, just let the five be straight more often. You just have to leave your wallet at home. In general, however, everyone makes bad purchases. Our mood is much more decisive there.

And in what mood are we most inclined to buy nonsense?

People cut the most money on vacation, because they are in a good mood. Only after three weeks do they open the suitcase and think to themselves: What kind of junk have I bought now? When I'm in a really good mood, my ability to criticize decreases. That means I am not critical of the world, and thus also of the article, and buy myself stuff that I don't need at all. A good mood is the best driver of purchases, but there are also many people who reward themselves when the mood is bad. They say to themselves: Now the day was so shitty, then I'll at least buy something to get out of the frustration. We are actually only safe from bad purchases if we are doing so poorly.

Is it just us? Or can we be seduced too?

We are easily seduced by the sale. If there are only a limited number of items left on sale and other people are also showing great interest, then our instinct for hunting and prey is activated. We then only buy so that the other one doesn't get it. Then it can happen that we buy an underwater flashlight in the middle of the desert - just out of fear that the other person will take something away from you.