Is online auction is an exciting adventure

An exciting adventure

The earthworm Fridolin wanted to go for a walk on a stormy, rainy day. So he put on his hiking hat and took an umbrella in his right hand. After crawling for a while, he saw a postcard in the grass, and the worm crept closer. The map showed the beach, the sea, and palm trees. In the lower right corner, "Caribbean" was written in orange. Fridolin liked the menu. He put it in his backpack and headed home.

On the way, Fridolin sang the song: "Oh how I would love to fly to the beach in the Caribbean, lying under green palm trees on the beautiful white sand."

Suddenly it began to get dark. Because he was still a long way from home, he decided to spend the night in a suitable place. He climbed a tree and lay down on a leaf. Fridolin fell asleep immediately. When he woke up the next day, he looked around in amazement. The leaf on which Fridolin was sitting was no longer hanging on the tree. The storm had swept it with the worm that night. Suddenly a seagull came flying right at him. She grabbed him in her claws and flew away with him. Fridolin shouted as loud as he could: "Help!", But nobody heard him.

Suddenly it started to get stormy and the seagull landed on a beach. She held Fridolin tight with her claws. When she was about to eat him, Fridolin tore himself loose with all his might and crawled into the water as fast as he could. He dived back and forth for a while and saw an old, frayed suitcase lying on the seabed.

Then he reappeared, swam ashore, and crept past the seagull. Suddenly the earthworm spotted a sign that read "Caribbean". Fridolin was very happy that his greatest dream had come true. Now there was only one problem left: how was he supposed to get home?

Then he saw a walnut tree near the sign and immediately had an idea. He crawled to the walnut tree and picked up a fallen nutshell. Then he found a sturdy stick, put the nutshell in the water, sat down and paddled happily with the stick towards home. And if he didn't drown, he's still paddling today.