Electronic music can have soul

"Music goes straight to your head without a filter"

When you compose, what role do you play as an artist and what role do your production tools play, from the instrument to the complex software program?

It's all intertwined, but it's still a separate process. When I compose I have to be very open, see where the music is taking me; it's like a current in a river that just has to flow, and the less I try to control things, the better it is. And then there is the other part where I have to take more control: the producing part of the music, designing the sounds, fine-tuning, mixing, knowing how to create exactly what I want to get out. But I can get on and off intuitively between the various processes.

Not only do you work with Nathalie Djurberg, but as a producer and live artist you also seem to focus on collaborations, for example with Johanna Knutsson and UFO Station Recordings. Are there differences, but also similarities, in your compositions as an artist in the collaboration with Nathalie on the one hand and as a producer and live artist on the other?

It's all mine, so there will inevitably be similarities in my different styles of music, even though they have very different functions. The club music is for dancing, for getting lost in it, for playing at full volume and for long periods of time. The music for installations is closely related to the films and is also there to set the tone and convey emotions. But sometimes I also combine them to see what different results I get.