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Author: Sebastian Fitzek, German writer and journalist

Release: 2019

Milan Berg is illiterate. He wants to hide this flaw from his girlfriend Andra, but of course she senses that he is keeping a secret and drags him to couples therapy. When one day he was standing at a traffic light, his inability to read suddenly endangered not only his relationship, but possibly even a human life. Because next to him is a car, in the back seat of which a frightened girl is desperately pressing a piece of paper against the window. Of course, Milan cannot decipher what is written on it, but it can only be a cry for help. And so he and Andra go looking for the girl. A nightmarish odyssey begins, on which Milan learns more and more about his own past, and also about the fact that his girlfriend also seems to have a secret ... In the end, the cruel revelation awaits him that there are truths that are so monstrous and terrible are that one can hardly continue to live with their knowledge and ignorance would have been a gift.

A nerve-wracking psychological thriller in the typical Fitzek manner, which is why opinions differ again. On the one hand, the literary critic Denis Scheck described the book as "lousy violent porn" in his magazine "Druckfrisch", while on the other hand it once again moved many die-hard Fitzek fans to massively positive reviews. In addition, "The Gift" even made it into the top 10 best-selling books of 2019 on Amazon Germany as the most popular thriller of the year.