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With Sofia Helin, Kajsa Ernst, Ann Petrén and Lars G. Aronsson
Stockholm is Mia's life. But dad is seventy and is hoping for his baby. So it means for Mia home to the dump in the deepest heart of Sweden, in the middle of winter - after fifteen years!
Back to Dalarna!
International title: Dalecarlians
In the cinema from February 9, 2006
German version in over 30 copies
Sweden 2004 · 98 minutes · 35mm · Dolby Digital
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At home in Dalarna, the sisters are waiting for the successful single woman. Eivor, the eldest, who bows to the yoke of marriage, is already sharpening her tongue and turning pale when her parents want to give Mia the most beautiful piece of land. Gunilla raves about the divorce - and sex in Bali. And an old admirer expects new opportunities. No wonder that dad's birthday, on which the schnapps flows freely, is crowned by nasty incidents this year too ...
Over 1 million viewers in Sweden!
Swedish Film Award 2004: Best Film and Best Book!

How it is when you come home and feel strange, when the damned emotion strikes and the biting mockery of those who stayed, their secret jealousy - and their uncanny love. A bitter comedy about family ties, old accounts and new ways, welcome and farewell - played heartfelt by a great ensemble!

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"It is my dream that as soon as they have left the cinema, people will call their loved ones and tell them:
I like you!"
Maria Blom

Criticism from
Sarcastic, darkly humorous, but also sentimental and full of emotions, the Swede Maria Blom describes the tragicomic events of a family celebration in the Swedish provinces. The focus is on three sisters who need each other, but whose sibling love is buried under a mountain of fears, envy and mutual reproaches. A grotesque full of emotion with an accurate, warm-hearted look at real life. In Sweden the film was a great success, similar to "Wie im Himmel"!
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"Maria Blom's refreshing tragic comedy about sisterly love and family ties attracted over a million viewers to the cinemas in Sweden: Let's do it - this film deserves it!"
"Moving family drama with depth and a good pinch of Swedish humor - a film that seems straight out of life!"
"Cheeky-coarse, feather-light and masterful!" - Read full review at
"Around this trio there is a pack with quirks, gnarled originals, grumpy thick-headed heads. No wonder that things soon get high and that the touching tragic comedy doesn't mince words and hunt cats with a gun. The director herself Moved from Stockholm to Dalarna, the atmosphere hits the mark. A grandiose ensemble, warmth and humor, brilliant dialogues and (exaggerated) situations. Ingmar Bergman can be proud of his successor, who is with Back to Dalarna! delivers a funny and heartwarming masterpiece that makes you happy all round! "
Margret Köhler, KINO KINO - BR Online - Read full review at
"A tragicomic balancing act between caricaturing distance and emphatic closeness with bitter angry, sarcastic moments and a kind of primal sympathy for the gnarled inhabitants of Dalarna. The conflicts culminate precisely in one of those mystical days that only exist in films!"
"A ravishing tragicomedy about generation problems, familial alienation and escapist frenzy under the melancholy sky of the Swedish provinces. But despite all the touching melancholy, director Blom confesses a clear YES! To life and relies on faces that show the unconditional lust for life. The amazingly fresh film story of a homecoming! "
"Captivating, cheeky, coarse provincial melodrama about the reunion of three egocentric sisters - Blom knows how to fill the speechlessness of her protagonists with sometimes bizarre actionism. The film will not only cause a sensation with fans of Nordic cinema!"
"Fully fits into the phalanx of films about family celebrations since Vinterberg's" Das Fest "and takes us to Dalarna, where Sweden is the most Swedish, where alcohol unleashes and Mia ends up like an alien after 15 years of absence ..."
"A gripping, psychologically dense sister drama - captivates with unromantic attention to detail and the downright Strindbergian ruthlessness with which it lets female life plans in particular collide. Without nostalgia and with all the more laconic humor!"
Birgit Roschy, EPD FILM
"The family as a refuge of security - and as an emotional minefield. There, sentimentality and grotesque, warmth of heart and malice are closely related ..."
"If you have a family, you don't need enemies! The horror scenario of the class reunion is condensed even more intimately here - but Maria Blom, with excellent actors, manages not to let this story slide into the mere satirical, but rather to allow the characters their dignity BACK TO DALARNA! In a roundabout way, something like a song of praise to home and family roots ... "
"A film about everything that family also means. It is not surprising that it was able to inspire more than a million viewers in Sweden, because it flatters itself very closely to one's own emotional life in beautiful winter pictures. A film in which all dams break!"
"A bitterly funny family reunion at which a sisterly struggle, poisoned by envy, breaks out, ostensibly for the favor of the parents and at the core for mutual acceptance. The settlement with the family is not as rocking as Vinterberg's DAS FEST, but it reveals convincingly the secrets and weaknesses of the prejudice-driven competitors. An entertaining and active evening at the cinema! "
"Very sad, but beautiful - maybe you should take your loved ones to the cinema right away so that you can comfort each other and hug each other ..."
"Whenever you think you are knee-deep in a cliché, the film is two corners further, simply breaks off scenes and opens up another battlefield. Only at the end do you realize what a clever concept is behind the breathtaking pace of this family spectacle. We have never heard of it, but if there is Swedish humor, it is dry to death. The excruciatingly precise portraits are as sad as they are screamingly funny: the aging Casanova, the kind teacher - everyone is drawn with love and wit, and if we think Having understood her figure, something completely unexpected happens, and we notice that we were too quick with our judgment. BACK TO DALARNA! is not a philistine study (yes, that too), rather a buxom observation with a bad joke. You can in your Being rooted in home, then you will be a sad idiot. Or you can leave it, then it will break your heart. Whatever: it will hurt. To be lazy about this pain chuckle and in the end not consider yourself smarter than the others: that is the idea. In any case, Maria Blom is now living in Dalarna again. One of the last pictures shows a pretty impressive sunrise in the Swedish winter. It's so beautiful, so humble that one would like to die there ... "
Victor Lachner, ULTIMO