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Is there any reason to fear Moscow? Does Russia have any reason to distrust the West? How are the tensions between East and West fueled? And can they be solved?
The long-time ARD correspondent Fritz Pleitgen and the writer Michail Schischkin talk about their experiences with Russia and the West and the contrasts and tensions that have been intensifying again in the past few years: two profound experts who explore what happened after the era of détente and the supposed end of the East-West confrontation to the tense current situation could come. Both are united by their love for Russia - but in their assessment of the roots of the conflict they are adversaries: Mikhail Shishkin sharply criticizes Putin's authoritarian rule and the policies of the Kremlin. For Fritz Pleitgen, the behavior of the West is self-righteous and devoid of history.

Review note on Neue Zürcher Zeitung, June 20, 2019

Reviewer Wolfgang Taus appreciates what connects this book (love for Russia) as well as what divides (in problem analysis) between the two authors Fritz Pleitgen and Michail Schischkin. The mixture of personal and historical perspectives seems fruitful to him, because both authors identify themselves as experts on the subject. The experiences of both in the Soviet era up to the end of the USSR and with Putin lead, according to Taus, on the one hand to a criticism of the West (bankruptcy) and on the other hand to a criticism of Putin's rule of lies (Schischkin). According to Taus, the authors agree that Russian ideology and Russian culture are two different things.