What colors make brown when you combine light

Hello summer complexion! THESE 5 colors make brown

"Are you sick?" Who of you gets asked this question on a regular basis? It is not always our complexion that is to blame, but the combination of skin tone and clothing color.

Because some tones literally make us look pale. Others, on the other hand, conjure up freshness on our faces. We explain to you which outfit colors make us brown and what the hair color has to do with our complexion.

This color makes brown: wine red

Dark red tones like burgundy are not only part of the fashion trends in winter, they also make lightly tanned skin look much tan immediately. In addition, your complexion looks fresher and more rested in this color. The effect is especially great if you have a warm skin tone with a yellowish note.

This color makes brown: raspberry pink

You have very light skin with a cool undertone, so are you a summer or winter type? Then you should definitely try a top in pink! The strong color not only makes you brown, it also brings freshness to your look. Boring style and tired winter complexion, goodbye!

This color makes brown: gold

Perfect for everyone with an olive-colored complexion that tends to be pale in winter: gold! Incidentally, the gloss color has a particularly big effect on the autumn type. Here the trend color conjures up a fresh glow on the face.

Tip: If you have a cool skin tone, you should better rely on silver.

This color makes brown: Camel

Also great for making the complexion appear tan and healthier: the color camel. But the warm, light brown shade can do even more: in the form of a timeless wool coat, it immediately makes us appear more elegant and serious. Perfect!

This color makes brown: khaki

The trend color khaki is a real complexion booster. The muddy green shade conjures up a golden glow on the face, particularly warm color types such as the spring or autumn type, and makes the skin look brown. With this color you can save yourself the solarium!

Note: which colors make you brown depends on your color type

Not every color makes everyone brown the same. Whether the tone makes your complexion look fresher or paler depends on your color type. This not only determines which clothes colors flatter us, but also which hair colors make us look brown.

The example of beauty blogger Em von mypaleskin.blogspot.de clear. The warm blonde on the left makes her face look much more brown than the white blonde on the right.

This test reveals: what color type am I?

Not sure if you are a spring, summer, autumn or winter type? Then click on the picture and do the test!

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