What are some birds in Greek mythology

Stymphalids are mythical creatures from Greek mythology. The metallic birds once lived and nested in the swamps of the Stymphalus in Arcadia, from which they got their name. They cruelly pulled their tracks over the surrounding villages and destroyed everything that moved.

One of the twelve tasks assigned to Hercules was to destroy the Stymphalids. From Athena - the Greek goddess of war, Hercules got two metal rattles to lure the frightened birds out of their hiding places. The monster birds rose by the thousands into the air and circled the land with clattering wings. Startled and disoriented by the noise, Hercules was now able to shoot down many of the Stymphalids with poisoned arrows.
The remaining birds fled and were no longer seen, at least in this area.

Around the same time, Jason was looking for the Golden Fleece. He had heard of the destruction Hercules had wrought on the metal birds. Jason headed for the island of Aretia belonging to Mars, god of war, with his ship. He suspected that the stymphalids had fled there and, as a precaution, had his team hit the bronze shields with their swords.

In fact, frightened to the point of complete disorientation, the stymphalids shot into the air. They tried to kill Jason's crew with their metal feathers, but they used their shields as a protective roof. Another part of the crew stayed in position and, like Hercules, shot many poisoned arrows at the birds.

Only a few stymphalids survived this attack. They escaped to an unknown destination. Some travelers reported sightings in the Arabian desert. But these claims have never been confirmed. It is more likely that these mythical creatures have settled in the rocky cliffs of large mountainous landscapes with lakes and swamps or have their nests directly in the reeds.