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Overwatch Events 2021: When to Expect Which Event

The Anniversary Event 2021 runs from May 18th to June 8th.

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The cat is out of the bag: Overwatch 2 will no longer appear in 2021. This was confirmed by Blizzard in a conference on the business figures. Fortunately, we still have the predecessor, who will provide us with a lot of exciting events again this year.

We have listed all the events of the past year and estimate when you can expect the respective Overwatch events in 2021.

When does the Lunar New Year event start?

The Lunar New Year event took place from February 4th to February 25th

1:35 Overwatch: New Moon Anniversary Trailer 2021 with new challenges and rewards

The Lunar New Year is traditionally the first event in the series and this time heralds the year of the ox. As usual, you can compete in the flag conquest and flag conquest: lightning modes.

A new addition is the Brawl Bounty Hunter. Here all players have a different hero as their goal, which they have to eliminate. Whoever switches off the target first, collects the bounty - but then becomes the target himself.

In addition to the new mode, there are again three weekly challenges in which you can unlock player icons, sprays and epic skins.

You can also see all skins of the Lunar New Year event 2021 in our gallery:

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When does the archive event start?

The archive event took place from April 6th to 27th

1:26 Overwatch - Trailer presents this year's archive event

There will be no new co-op mode in 2021 either, only the existing modes with different tasks and restrictions. For example, the ground under dead enemies turns to lava or your damage doubles while your defenses are falling rapidly.

There are a total of nine different tasks for the three well-known co-op modes uprising, retaliation and storm signals. For every successfully completed task, you will receive a loot box the first time. The weekly challenges are also part of the game again.

You can also see all skins of the archive event 2021 in our gallery:

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When does the anniversary event start?

The anniversary event will take place from May 18th to June 8th.

1:52 Overwatch is celebrating its 5th anniversary with an event and trailer

For the release of Overwatch on May 24, 2016, there is a small anniversary event every year at this time. This is especially worthwhile for all players who still need skins from events that have already been missed, because you can find all skins from all events in the anniversary loot boxes.

Also this year you can play a different special (but already known from previous events) mode every day. Which modes you can play on which day can be found on the official Overwatch event page.

In the Anniversary Event 2021 there is of course a challenge every week that rewards you with a cosmetic item after three, six and nine victories.

You can also see all the skins from the 2021 anniversary event in our gallery:

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When does the Summer Games event start?

The Summer Games event will probably start at the end of July / beginning of August

The summer games traditionally let you play Lúcioball again. Last year there was a modified form called Lúcioball Remix, in which you have to fight with at least two balls on the field. We are excited to see what the developers will come up with for Lúcioball this year.

You can also see all the skins from the 2020 Summer Games event in our gallery:

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When does the Halloween horror event start?

The Halloween horror event will likely begin in mid-October

From then on, it's time again for Junkenstein's revenge in PvE mode. Last year there was a challenge mode with which you could turn the level of difficulty up again. In them, for example, you were annoyed by a spirit of revenge or had to struggle with other restrictions.

You can see all skins of the Halloween horror event 2020 in our gallery:

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When does the winter wonderland event start?

The winter wonderland event usually starts in mid-December.

Of course, a winter event should not be missing in the portfolio, which bathes some maps like Kings Row in colorful lights and a festive atmosphere. Mei's snowball fight is also there.

In 2020 there was also the freeze thaw elimination, in which two teams each had four teammates to freeze each other. Here you can see the trailer from 2020 again.

1:48 Overwatch - The Winter Wonderland event is back with new skins and a new mode

You can see all skins of the winter wonderland event 2020 in our gallery:

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What else can we expect in 2021?

Presumably, a large part of the developer resources will continue to be put into the completion of Overwatch 2, which makes major changes to Overwatch rather unlikely. What we already know about Overwatch 2 is unfortunately not too much, but it gives us hope:

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Last year only Echo was introduced as the new heroine, in 2019 there were two heroes with Sigma and Baptiste. So you shouldn't expect more than one hero in 2021.

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