Is Black Adam stronger than Shazam

Zachary Levi: Crossover with "Black Adam" not before "Shazam! 3" (Update)

++ Update from 07/18/2019: Another addendum byZachary Levis CCXP appearance. In relation to Shazam! 2 he said the truth was that he didn't know anything. All he knew is that New Line Cinema, Warner Bros., DC, the producers and all other decision-makers are very satisfied with what they have done. They want to do better the second time and are currently developing the sequel.

But what Levi also knows is that you have to stick to it: you want to Shazam! 2 as soon as possible, because these children are growing like weeds - which is in line with earlier statements by producer Peter Safran. So if they don't do it in the next two days or so, they'll be full grown adults, Levi said. A little bit exaggerated, but right from the point of view.

++ News from July 16, 2019: At the end of June, the Comic Con Experience was a guest in Cologne, along with Zachary Levi, the likeable actor of the equally likeable Shazam!-Title Heroes. There he went to the meeting that was planned at the beginningDwayne Johnson's Black Adam, which is still being considered, but is still a long way off. As far as he knew, Black Adam was not going in Shazam! 2 show up as you first get a standalone Black Adam- Want to make a film, said Levi. And then if you can Shazam! 3 and Black Adam 2 quasi parallel, they would meet.

Black Adam is the ultimate villain for Shazam (since the times when Shazam was on DC Comics still known as Captain Marvel), his bad twin. They are like doppelgangers, so Levi, so this must be the final battle. If you did that in the second film, what should come after that? The third would be just a movie where they sit around and play video games, which would be very boring. Or maybe not, because he's a very interesting video gamer, Levi joked. So that's the plan. There will definitely be a crossover, you want to get there, you just have to walk through it first.

For Black Adam Johnson does himself again with his Jungle Cruise-Director Jaume Collet-Serra together, in the first half of next year, the shooting should start. At Shazam! 2 we assume that production will start at the end of spring or beginning of summer 2020, and there is actually nothing to prevent itDavid F. Sandberg takes over the direction again.