What is the best rating of the solution sale

Solution Selling

Solution Selling refers to a problem-related Sales methodology that is geared towards providing the customer with a solutionolution) for an existing problem. Accordingly, the strategy in German is also under the term Solution sale known.

Goal setting

The usefulness of your own product takes a back seat, the only thing that matters is how it is with the Troubleshooting can help. As in Miller-Heimann it is important to specifically highlight the added value for the customer.

The solution selling is also based on consultation. If possible, a "partnership" relationship with the customer should be established, because the problem can only be solved to the sale are fully resolved. This is because normally only then is more detailed information revealed in the collaboration. Against this background, the method is particularly suitable for long-term business relationships with so-called Key accounts. Preparation and implementation must therefore be extremely customer-specific and the salespeople need a particularly high level of specialist knowledge. Only in this way can you really react in a targeted manner to the respective customer situation.

Method of solution selling

The implementation offers itself after the following sub-steps:

  • suitable customers detect and filter
  • Customer needs find out
  • solution cut to size
  • consultation
  • added value highlight for customers
  • Sale completion

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