Which engineering industry has a good scope

IT occupations - overview of the occupational field

What does a backend developer do?

Tasks, salary, training

Backend developers are responsible for the conception and development of websites and software applications as well as for the regular maintenance and care of databases and servers.
In this article you will find out what other tasks the job of backend developer entails, what training and knowledge you need and what salary you can expect from employers.

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What does a full stack developer do?

Generalist among programmers

The full stack developer or developer is a profession that is very present in IT. Basically he is a programming all-rounder who programs himself as well as acts as a manager or interface between the programmers. In this post you will find out everything about his area of ​​responsibility, skills, career and expected salary.

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What does an application supervisor do?

Application supervisor - an all-rounder

Today there are countless professions in the IT environment. There are just as many different names for these. This also applies to the application supervisor, so the job is also called "Application Manager" or "Consultant". At first glance, the job title seems to reveal what's behind it. At second glance, however, you notice that this name is somehow meaningless. That is why the question arises for many: What actually is an application supervisor?

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What does a merchant do in e-commerce in 2020?

The IT training especially for online trading

Online trading is booming and currently makes up a large part of the economy. With the apprenticeship as a merchant in e-commerce, there is finally a new profession in this industry that we have had to do without up to now. In the following lines we explain to you which tasks a businessman / woman takes on in e-commerce, which skills are advantageous in this profession and how the training is generally composed.

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What does an IT auditor do?

Analyze IT processes!

What exactly does an IT auditor do? In this article, we break down not only the responsibilities of an IT auditor, but also the skills required to become one and the next steps for those interested in becoming one.

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What is 3rd level support?

The problem solver in customer support

You are concerned with which profession you can learn and you are interested in an IT career. Then 3rd level support might be an option for you. Here you can find out what it is, which skills you need and what tasks you have, how to become a 3rd level supporter and whether you need to do an apprenticeship or a degree. Finally, it is explained in which professions you can work as a 3rd level supporter and what salary you can expect.

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What does an IT quality manager do?

An IT quality manager works with the management team and team leaders in a company to design and implement a quality strategy and quality management system for the departments that supports the overall IT and business strategy.

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What does a systems analyst do?

Nowadays a lot of work takes place with the help of the most modern technology. Workflows are organized and perfected with the help of a specific system. The system analyst finds out which system is doing the work as efficiently as possible.

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What does an IT security consultant do?

Information technology has become an indispensable part of everyday life and processes in companies. The protection of IT infrastructure and data is all the more important due to daily reports about leaked databases and published customer data. This is where the IT security consultant (male / female) comes into play.

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What does a CDO do?

"CDO" stands for "Chief Digital Officer". It is a term that is still seldom found in Germany for a position in the management level who is primarily concerned with the digitization of a company.

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Computer scientist vs. programmer - that's the difference

You can find out the differences between the professions here!

In recent years, the need for specialists in digital technologies and, at the same time, the number of relevant professional fields has grown enormously.
Despite this, or perhaps precisely because of this, there is now a great deal of terminology when it comes to the correct designation for the respective professions. In addition to the various English technical terms, which often differ from one company to another, the job titles "programmer (m / w)" or "computer scientist (m / w)" are often used and are often used as synonyms. However, there are differences in terms of training and professional activity.

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What does a media specialist do?

In Switzerland, the profession of mediamatist means basic training in the field of information technology. Requirements for the businessman are connected with the focus of the computer scientist. The media specialist is not specialized in one area and has extensive knowledge of marketing & project management, administration, multimedia and IT.

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What does an IT requirements engineer do?

The job of the requirement engineer plays a prominent role in software development. It forms a connection between the customer and the developer (team). He / she must understand and document the client's requirements for the software to be developed. This requirements management is the task of the IT requirements engineer.

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What does a system architect do?

Education, tasks, skills and salary of a system architect

System architects design functional IT systems and specify them for the respective requirements. The so-called "system architecture" is designed, as well as a supporting system architecture. The individual elements of IT systems are defined by the system architect, he also analyzes legacy systems and optimizes them if necessary. An effective migration concept is of particular interest: elements that continue to function efficiently should be transferred to a new IT system and, if possible, integrated.

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