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Fendt 1050 Vario. First deliveries made.

From the practice for the practice !!

We are a small family team who have made it our business to further develop and spread the field of agriculture model making. From the idea, the construction, the drawing, the production and the construction together, everything is from a single source and with the best possible care. Everything from a single source also means that you have to be more patient to get one of our exclusive models manufactured in small series,

We do not have a shop, if you want to inspect the goods, you are always welcome to contact us.

Our address is: ML-Tec Marco Lodetti, Bollmoosweg 5, 5610 Wohlen AG Tel: +41 56 536 88 70 Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and 1:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Last changes March 17, 2021

Current projects that I'm working on when time allows.

As experience over the last few years has shown time and again, a hook lift trailer is much more fun than a simple tipping trailer and is a bit of a challenge to operate, just like the prototype. Since the structure is built on a sled, you can do whatever your heart desires, it doesn't always have to be copied from the original. For this reason I have dared to do this extremely complicated and challenging construction again and try to build an excellent device with all the experience I have gained with previous models.

Tridem hook lift trailer with two positively controlled steering axles and one driven axle with powerful motors. Compatible with Comvec products such as sleds and troughs. Further information will follow.

Here provisionally set up with a truck trough for fitting.

When testing whether the geometry and drive power of the main and articulated arm drive of the electrically driven roll-off mechanism, which is based on our proven Multilift for trucks, I loaded loads of up to 25 kg and was not finished in terms of performance. Even the articulated arm alone could lift this heavy load off the ground and was not yet exhausted.

Thanks to an experienced and dear customer, this was created here and will be available from next week in two versions for our 1050 mechanics, connector holder on the front for attachments.

Version 1 for the assembly of two plugs and version 2 for the assembly of four plugs, in the shop from next week.

In the last few weeks we have been working on optimizing our 3000 mechanics, adjusting the front hydraulics of the 1050 and making new hollow-chamber tires. (see pictures)

December 10th, 2019 We still have tires and matching rims with wheel hubs for Krampe tippers in stock. (see shop)

11/16/2019 Installation options for a Beier SFR-1 combination module.

The installation of speed controllers, light and sound modules repeatedly raises questions about what works best and whether there is space for it. Sure, everyone here has their own idea or products that they prefer to use or have had the best experience with. A module where everything is integrated would be e.g. the module produced by Beier Electronic with the designation SFR-1. Unfortunately, this module has turned out a bit large for our tractor models, which repeatedly raises the question, does it fit into an ML-Tec 1050. For this reason, I would like to show here that it is feasible. Made two of them and created a matching holder to make installation easier. In these cases I fixed the module to the holder with two-component adhesive (silicone would be an alternative) because there is no other way to attach the module to the soft housing. (By the way, it also fits well into the 3000 mechanics). As an example, here is an installation together with a Graupner MC-26 and GR-24 receiver.

06/17/2019 NEW front hydraulics on the 1050 Fendt mechanics.

The new front hydraulics have been installed on our 1050 mechanics since mid-June. The previous version is no longer in production. The new FH has a simpler mechanical structure and is still more efficient. In tests with a voltage of 6 to 7 volts, this has achieved a lifting capacity of over 7 kg and was not yet finished. That doesn't mean that you should lift a whole 1050 with it, but with normal weights of up to 2 kg you definitely always have enough reserve.

These as well as other constructions of our mechanics cannot be ordered separately for other mechanics makes. If a 1050 customer wants to make a new front hydraulics on his mechanics, be it out of necessity or to enjoy the new, he can order this from us after consultation, not all parts are needed new, various attachments remain the same.

The pictures below show the prototype in the test phase, so not everything is very nice.

06/17/2019. New drive variant Swiss Made.

Optional to our 1050 mechanics is a very powerful special drive with over 60 watts and its own planetary gear from the house Maxon Swiss Made, available. This drive has 10 times more power than the already strong standard drive and that's something. Compared to the standard drive, this is only supplied with one gear variant and lies between the length and the short reduction in the standard drive. The standard brush drive can be supplied with two different reductions with a difference of approx. 20%. Since the model got heavier over time, the variant with the shorter reduction ratio is recommended because of more torque on difficult terrain. The speed spectrum ranges from 2.2 to 3.4 km / h, depending on the drive. If you are interested, all options and possibilities can be discussed separately by email or telephone. Surcharges apply only to the Maxon drive. Mechanics with a standard motor manufactured from around mid-2019 can be converted to the Maxon with little effort.

01/30/2019. NEW The 1050 mechanism (Fendt 1050 Vario) will be available with stainless steel rims from mid-February.

This has the big advantage that we have 2.5 kilos more total weight on the model and that works very well. Since stainless steel is much more expensive than aluminum, and machining is more difficult and time-consuming, we had to adjust the price. The standard variant remains in the program as long as we still have aluminum rims.

For existing 1050 customers who benefit from this innovation and want to retrofit their model, we have interesting offers, please obtain them via email. Existing open orders can also be changed to stainless steel rims without any problems.

Topic third-party products e.g. (wheels) on an ML-Tec:Applies to all ML-Tec mechanics versions.

The more vehicles we have, especially in Germany, the more important it is to take a look at the subject of wheels at an ML-Tec.

An ML-Tec has a mechanical all-wheel drive concept as in the original. He has flanged a planetary geared motor to a gearbox, in this gearbox the power of the motor on the front and rear axles is adapted and distributed to the differently sized wheels via the two axle differentials at the correct speed. And here is the crucial difference compared to the very simple concepts of other manufacturers who have their own motor for each bike. For them, it doesn't really matter whether the motors are more or less accelerated or braked. It's different with the ML-Tec and like with the prototype, here the tire diameter must match the speed of the respective drive axle exactly, otherwise the entire drive train will be strained and damage can occur. Since there are different suppliers of tires and rims in Germany, some customers may think of installing them on an ML-Tec. Since these tires do not match the originals in terms of diameter and any other rims may influence the tire diameter, we do not approve or recommend this under any circumstances. This means that if components between the engine and tires are changed or exchanged, no guarantee can be issued for consequential damage. This also applies if tires break while being fitted onto other rims.

But it doesn't need other tires either, according to many statements our tires are the most beautiful on the market and work very well when driving in all situations. One of the reasons why these are not sold without our mechanics is that they are the world's only elaborately hand-made hollow chamber tires in these dimensions, No one else is doing or creating to this day.

10/30/2018. The production of the new 3000 mechanics started this month (only small numbers).

These first models, which were delivered months ago, were equipped with all optional components such as front hydraulics, front weight and rear wheel weights. For more details and information see the online shop here.

After a long production and construction phase, I needed some fun. We went to various events in June and here is a compilation.

For everyone who is interested in the 1050 Fendt, a couple of very informative links to reports in MODELLTRUCKFORUM.DE

This one is from a mechanics that was delivered assembled:ML-Tec 1050 mechanics as assembled version

This one is via a supplied kit:ML-Tec 1050 mechanics as a kit version

There are more reports about ML-Tec products to read on this German forum for functional model building.

Trucker meeting in Muri on June 3rd, 2018, we were also there and show a few pictures of our models.

The popular 1:14 earlier Dickie resp. Today Carson tractor bodies only fit on our 1050 mechanics with a different steering servo holder. If you are interested, the mechanics can also be delivered with this small change. 1:14 model resp. The body must be procured and adapted by yourself.

07/06/2017 Here you can see the first finished model delivered today with all possible options as well as light and sound system.

more new pictures in the picture gallery

Jul 3, 2017 Two more mechanics left the country heading north this week.

A few technical data:

- CNC machined mechanics with approx. 40 ball bearings
- Drive via brush motor with planetary gear
- Rear axle differential lockable via servo
- Front axle with differential, not lockable
- Aluminum rims with 10-hole wheel mounting
- Hollow chamber tires (Trelleborg) from our own production

- Optional front power lift approx. 3 kg lifting force
- Optional front weight milled from brass 950 g.
- Optional wheel weights for the rear axle totaling 1000 g.
- Optional powder coating rims, wheel hubs, weights

Ready-to-use weight: approx. 6500 g (with all weights) with stainless steel rims approx. 8500 g
Driving speed: approx. 3.3 km / h depending on the transmission variant
Pulling power: well over 100 kg
Turning circle: less than 1 m
Operating voltage: Lipo 3s 11.1V to approx. 3000mA

Various accessories for the new 1050 mechanics have already been designed and can therefore be ordered with the mechanics from now on.

Front weight only fits the front hydraulics 950 g and wheel weights for the rear wheels per side 500 g.

Front weight is recommended for those who like to pull loads, i.e. trailers. Since the load is almost fully distributed to the rear wheels when pulling, the front axle may be relieved too much and this is counteracted with an additional weight at the front. At the same time, the ability to steer on loose surfaces is significantly improved, i.e. less pushing over the front axle. The wheel weights for the rear axle, on the other hand, are very good for working in the field and give more contact pressure. Of course, both can be done at the same time. Additional weight of the model with all additional weights about 1950 g.

Excerpts from driving at the weekend with the Seetaler truckers in Muri.

The tires, my last big problem, I managed and so nothing stands in the way of the production of the 1050. This week we started production of the first mechanics and will have the first ready by the end of the month. Pre-orders are welcome so that I can plan the quantity to be produced. The development of the tires can be seen on our Facebook page.

more pictures in the gallery at Fendt 1050 Vario

The front hydraulics (front linkage) for the new Fendt 1050 Vario are ready and I don't want to withhold that from you. As with the other front hydraulics, the mechanics are solved via a self-locking gearbox and are therefore insensitive again if you leave the weight on. In terms of appearance, modeled on the original as far as possible.

In the picture gallery of the Fendt 1050 you can see many new pictures of the mechanically finished mechanics. Now the tires are still missing. The tire molds are already being created and here I also have a pre-production mold of the front tires as a picture in the gallery. Gallery Click here or on one of the new pictures.

22.04.2017 The first tire molds are ready so far and next week the first tire demoulding will be done, I hope it works as expected, it is very complicated and time-consuming.

February 2017: We have been busy and are happy to show you the latest models that we have built for customers. In the meantime, 9 out of 10 models are ordered with front hydraulics and thus various models that we have never been equipped with will be on display. Here are two examples in the form of the MF Massey Ferguson and the New Holland. In the meantime we have also equipped the John Deer with it and have made various adapter plates in different strengths in order to be able to better adapt the hydraulics to the body length. More pictures in the gallery under customer models in preparation.

Presentation: ML-Tec conversion mechanism for the Fendt 1050 Vario brother of the 4000 series.

02/25/2017 Today the weather was right and the time was found to shoot a few interesting videos, to see on the Videos page.

The first pictures of the model can be seen in the picture gallery, although these are only the pre-series and test vehicle version. The series will be different and better in a few points. With some you can see the alloy wheels that will be on it. The rims will be prepared for double tires on both axles and the tires, which can also be seen in the picture gallery, will correspond to the prototype. In the videos, since the tires are not ready yet, we screwed the original Bruder wheels to the mechanics with adapters. Since these don't provide enough grip, we loaded the tractor with an additional 3.5 kg. The gear reduction is long here, i.e. the tractive power is not the best. Nevertheless, we have seven Bruder trailer chassis which, as is well known, do not roll well when loaded, can pull seven 15 kg concrete floor slabs and only with a maybe 20 watt brush motor, the drive is designed so efficiently, great. Other scenes such as the ups and downs on a skateboard are certainly also interesting, it should be noted that the controller used has no braking function, so it is only held and braked with the gas.

more pictures here

Due to some orders for mechanics and finished models, the development of the 4000 mechanics had to be postponed and was therefore a bit delayed.

The mechanics is already being tested and shows very good driving characteristics with the brush drives. Brush drives, because there will be two different gearbox variants. One for those who want to drive very slowly, need endless power to pull and the top speed is of secondary importance and the other slightly faster variant for those who are more on the course and have to cover a lot of distance. Both variants with differential front axle and lockable rear axle.

So far it looks very good in terms of the simplicity of the construction and thus nothing stands in the way of a kit version.

General: Pre-orders are welcome and advisable so that I can estimate the amount of parts to be produced. But what I would like to briefly mention here is the sad fact that sometimes orders are placed and when the goods are ready, nobody answers. Therefore, from now on, orders, pre-orders and reservations where there is a lot of work behind them, i.e. where special requests are made, such as preparing car bodies or installing lighting systems, etc., will only be accepted after a prior down payment in an appropriate amount to the bank account or with PayPal.

Does not apply to the Fendt 1050 mechanics, in this case the deposit is only due after the mechanics are ready and contact has been made with the pre-orderer who would like to do so.

Available from 09/19/2016. For further details see the online shop.

Just delivered: Custom-made as a tractor for several Circus Knie trailers. More pictures here or click on the picture.

Meeting in Lyss on Sunday. Video of various scenes with the new Krampe tipper etc..Youtube video click here.

07/05/2016 Just delivered, complete model Steyr with trailer, was an exciting project.Click here for more pictures or on picture.

New body variant available now. Claas 950 Axion.More pictures here. New pictures with coated rims and our own tires.

We were there at the ship show in Wohlen 2016. It's a shame that it rained so much on Sunday. Video here or click directly on the picture.

More video of the event, recorded by Arnold H. Video here or click directly on the picture.

more pictures in the picture gallery

NEW: New Holland T8040 body fits.

What at first seemed like this would not work, surprised me very much, it works and how. With this mechanic there seems to be no limit. I took mechanics from my current Lambo and put them into the New Holland body without changing anything. Fits perfectly, even the 3S 850 Lipo goes in without spoiling the engine compartment. Looks bombastic.

Now, as a snow grouch, I would even enjoy real snow !!!!

What is a simple word for some (front hydraulics) is the task for others.

The servo-less mechanical-electrical front hydraulics is there.

Available in small numbers in approx. 2 weeks, more pictures in the picture gallery under mechanics accessories and Video here or click directly on the picture.


I have finally found a sensible solution for locking the front lever. These are thus to be attached floating or locked at the bottom or top.

06/12/2016: Note: The quality of the steering servos has changed since the last delivery. What was never a problem has now become one. These are the metal gear servos with the black plastic housing where gears have been breaking down for no reason recently. For a few weeks, however, others have been installed in the series. Anyone who has installed another as described and has problems with it can contact me and receive the new one for free.

06.03.2016: NEW under videos, a very nice video with the reversible plow from a customer from Germany.

01/21/2016: New instruction pictures in the picture gallery for rear connectors and motors - soldering the controller cables.

11/24/2015: Not easy, example of an electronics installation on a Lamborghini delivered to Germany. 23 LEDs, thanks to the NEUHAUS Microlight without series resistors and a sound module with two loudspeakers.

New in the range and therefore available in the online shop, Model construction screws:
Stainless steel screws M1.6 M2 M2.5 M3 and M4 and brass screws like hexagon head screws M1 M1.2 M1.4 M1.6 M2 M2.5 and M3and the matching hexagon socket wrenches and taps M1 M1.2 M1.4 M1.6

Compression springs, turnbuckles, turnbuckle extensions, brass wheels, threaded and trapezoidal spindles with nuts, aluminum ball joints, shaft couplings, split pins, ball bearings, etc.

09/12/2015 NEW: Exclusively available from ML-Tec. MicroLight light module from Neuhaus Electronics.

08/19/2015 NEW: The tractor wheels and hub caps are now available in the appropriate color (powder-coated).