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Reliable Christmas lighting thanks to LEDs

The right lighting is an essential part of the Christmas season. Lights and lamps fill the dark season with a festive mood. The modern LED technology also prevailed in this area. The use of light-emitting diodes is particularly useful for Christmas light effects and has numerous advantages.

The Christmas lights are usually in operation for many hours at a time, for several weeks during Advent, on public holidays and beyond. That calls for an energy-efficient solution. LEDs are convincing in this respect across the board. With low power consumption, they last an unbelievably long time. The annoying changing of individual lamps, for example on fairy lights, is no longer necessary. There extremely little electricity is used, there are hardly any costs and there is more money for Christmas gifts.

It is also particularly advantageous that LED light sources not hot become. So they can be used anywhere without any risk of fire. LED Christmas lights are used both indoors and outdoors. As the lights shine brightly, trees and bushes shine in full splendor. The selection is large, so that a suitable product can be found for every purpose.

The LED Christmas lights comparison RPGT, Stylehome and Dilego

The long RPGT 200 LED light chain, 22 m

In this light chain, the 200 light-emitting diodes are attached at a distance of 10 cm. The light color is a pleasant warm white, but the product is also available in white (cold white), blue or colored. The luminosity of the lamps comes into its own thanks to the transparent cable. With a total length of 22.8 meters, it is a very long, versatile chain that is ideal for the large Christmas lights suitable. Eight light effects, for example sparkling, glowing or flashing, provide variety.

The light chain weighs 400 grams and is powered by a 31V DC transformer, which must be protected from the effects of water when used outdoors. There is a distance of almost three meters between the transformer and the first LED. With less than six watts the energy consumption is extremely low. The customer ratings are mostly positive. When it comes to outdoor use, however, opinions differ somewhat. However, most buyers praise the light output and durability of the item.

The RPGT LED party light chain at a glance

  • Eight light effects adjustable
  • Particularly long string of lights
  • Lifespan of 30,000 hours
only euros at Amazon.de

The bestseller Stylehome light chain with 96 LEDs

The LED light chain from Stylehome does not need a socket - it is simply operated with three AA batteries. This makes it particularly flexible to use, even outdoors. The batteries are not included in the very affordable price. That is also practical built-in timerwith which the light chain automatically stays on for 6 hours and off for 18 hours. After being switched on once, the chain comes on again the next day at the same time and goes off six hours later.

A supply cable of 50 cm length is included in the total length of 7.20 meters. The distance between the individual lamps is 7.5 cm. With their warm white light color and the eight light functions the fairy lights are well suited as atmospheric LED Christmas lights. The setting options range from permanent lighting to a dimmer effect to rapid light changes. Among the outdoor fairy lights, the product is the best seller and the majority of customers are satisfied with their purchase.

The Stylehome LED battery-operated fairy lights at a glance

  • Does not need a power source as it is battery operated
  • Integrated timer - no switching on and off
  • Energy efficiency class A +++
only 6.94 euros at Amazon.de

The neutral Dilego 200 transparent LED light chain

In terms of price, the Christmas lights from Dilego are in the midfield. Like the first product, this string of lights is also equipped with 200 LED lights. As an alternative to the warm white version, the article is also available in cool white or blue. The chain is 28 meters long including the approximately ten meter long cable feed line. As with the RPGT product, the lights are ten centimeters apart. The fairy lights are ideal for use on the Christmas tree, not least because of the transparent cable. At almost 500 grams, it is also not too heavy for the Christmas tree.

According to the manufacturer, it is just as suitable for the Outdoor use. The safety of the light chain is GS-tested and the product is referred to as waterproof. However, some customers disagree and complain that the contacts are rusting. Still, most buyers give it five stars. The power consumption is twelve watts and is twice as high as the chain of lights described above.

The Dilego LED Christmas tree chain at a glance

  • Ten meter long supply line
  • Good value for money
  • Perfect for the Christmas tree
only 24.90 euros at Amazon.de

Relaxed holidays with LED Christmas lights

The product comparison shows LED Christmas lights in different designs. Who cares about Effects through different modes is well advised with the fairy lights from RPGT and Stylehome. The latter even has a timer function so that it switches itself on and off every day. Since it is battery-operated, it is also suitable for all locations without access to electricity. At 7.20 meters, it is considerably shorter than the other two, but its flexibility is unbeatable. The Dilego article cannot come up with such extras. Instead, it scores with a long lead.

When choosing a string of lights as Christmas lights, it depends on how and where it should be used. Personal taste also plays a role, of course. Before buying, you should ask yourself the following questions: Will the chain be used indoors or outdoors? Should it be colored lights or white lights? A transparent or black cable?

In any case, LED-powered fairy lights have become an indispensable part of the Christmas season. They are reliable, last a long time and generate a lot of light without using a lot of electricity. There are also light emitting diodes shockproof and particularly robust. LEDs are clearly the best solution for Christmas lights.

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