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Job exchanges overview: list of the 50 best in comparison

Job exchanges are now the most important point of contact for vacancies and a suitable job. However, applicants are increasingly lacking an overview: which of the job exchanges is the best? Which offers the latest job offers and job advertisements? Or most of the benefits? Which job exchange suits your job search? The following job portals overview and list will help you choose ...

➠ Content: This is what awaits you

➠ Content: This is what awaits you

Job boards: 2 types & 4 forms

Job exchanges differ not only in the number of job advertisements or features offered, but also in their focus on specific target groups. There are basically two types and four groups of the numerous job exchanges:

1. Generalists (general job exchanges)

2. Specialists - This includes:

  • Meta job boards (meta search engines)
  • Applicant-specific job boards
  • Industry-specific job boards

Job exchanges overview: portals in comparison

The job search has long since gone beyond the employment agency: Our job exchange overview shows you online portals in which academics, specialists and executives as well as young professionals can find top jobs and current job advertisements. However, some specialized job boards only focus on certain industries.

Our job portals overview does not claim to be complete and is based on editorial selection. However, in our opinion and examination, the following job exchanges provide the best search results. The order of the job boards is selected alphabetically and does not represent a rating.

List: The most famous job boards

The largest and best-known job portals start the job exchange overview. These job boards have different advantages:

Employment agency job exchange

With more than 1.1 million vacancies (as of September 2020), the job exchange of the Federal Employment Agency is the largest German portal when it comes to job searches. Anyone looking for a new job can find what they are looking for here - not just the unemployed, but all employees looking for a change, graduates before they start their careers and also students who want to find an apprenticeship.

Advantages of the job exchange of the employment agency

✓ Largest number of job offers
✓ Various search functions
✓ Own profile for applicants
✓ Opportunity to apply for jobs
✓ Mobile and available as an app


Indeed is perhaps the best-known meta job board. It is therefore not a job exchange in the narrower sense, but searches the job offers on the Internet and provides the user with a selection of suitable jobs. For users, everyone is here and scores with enormous reach, a huge number of job offers and ease of use. In addition, applicants can create a résumé and be found by employers.

Benefits of Indeed

✓ Large range
✓ Many suitable job offers
✓ Good filter function
✓ Very easy handling and clarity
✓ CV can be created

Job goods

Jobware focuses on the area of ​​specialists and executives - and has made a name for itself in the process. Since the target group is more specific, there are fewer vacancies at Jobware compared to other job exchanges. There is a feedback guarantee for applicants. If you haven't heard about the status of your application for more than two weeks, you can contact the job exchange, which will investigate with the employer and obtain feedback.

Advantages of jobware

✓ Clear portal
✓ Fast filtering by industry
✓ Salary comparison
✓ Guide with application tips
✓ Feedback guarantee


Monster is known to everyone in the field of job boards and is considered to be one of the first online job boards to bring employees and employers together. Monster is a pioneer of job boards, but has not lost any of its topicality to this day. The search is very simple and clear. Your last search terms are saved in the browser, so you can search again at a later point in time. You can also get information about suitable and new positions in the job exchange by email.

Advantages of monsters

✓ Very long range
✓ High number of positions
✓ International job search
✓ Ability to upload a résumé
✓ Direct online application


Stepstone is also one of the early job exchanges and has now been established for more than 20 years. This created an enormous range. According to the company, more than 5 million job seekers use the mail agent to get information about job advertisements and the app has more than 4.5 million downloads.

Advantages of Stepstone

✓ Large job offer
✓ Clear structure
✓ Internationality
✓ Filter by home office
✓ Good app for mobile users

General job boards

In our further job exchange overview we show you numerous portals including a short portrait of the most important information. We start our job exchange overview with general job exchanges that do not focus on a target group, but have suitable offers for each applicant.

  • Backin job: At BackInJob you can search for jobs from all areas throughout Germany, receive information about interesting new positions by email or submit a job application yourself, through which you can contact the company. The simple search option for part-time jobs, mini jobs, internships, apprenticeships or trainee positions is practical.
  • Jobbö On Jobbö there are job offers from all industries and for every target group. One advantage is the range and the extensive range of vacancies. In recent years Jobbö has been awarded the title Top Career Portal by the magazine “Focus” in cooperation with Statista.
  • Kalaydo: In addition to the classic search and filter functions, Kalaydo's job exchange offers the option of creating a job application. With your tabular curriculum vitae and a detailed profile as well as information on the tasks and responsibilities that you want to take on in the future, you can not only search for yourself, but also be found at the same time. The function of aligning your search specifically to management positions can also be helpful - in this way you can get even more targeted results and less need to click through offers that are of no interest to you.
  • Career jump: offers job offers from all areas - for trainees, graduates, experienced specialists and senior executives. In addition, you can find out more about individual professions in hundreds of job profiles and get a precise picture of training, work areas and opportunities. Thanks to the close cooperation with the career bible, you will always receive the best tips on all topics relating to applications, professions and careers on our sister site.
  • Randstad: Randstad is a large company in the personnel services sector. The job exchange provides career opportunities in a wide variety of professional fields, from finance to the social sector and handicrafts to the IT sector.
  • was founded in 1995 as one of the first online job exchanges in Germany. Applicants with different qualifications and experience will find numerous job offers here.
  • Xing Jobs: The professional network Xing also offers its members job advertisements. You can be forwarded directly to the company's website so that you can submit your documents immediately if you apply online. In addition, you can see reviews of the company from other employees.

Meta job boards

So-called meta job exchanges ("meta search engines" or "job search engines") differ from classic job exchanges in that they do not publish job advertisements themselves. Instead, they search other job exchanges and company websites for job advertisements and display these links to the user. The number and selection of job offers in meta job exchanges is therefore usually larger.

  • Google for Jobs: With the Google for Jobs feature, you can search for jobs and suitable vacancies directly via the Google search window. All you have to do: Enter the job you are looking for in the search box. With the results you will receive a window with suitable offers that you can click through.
  • Kimeta: Kimeta also scours through other job portals and vacancies on the Internet for you. With this feature, the portal advertises with more than 2 million job offers (as of September 2020). With one click you will then be forwarded directly to the job offer and - if the company offers the opportunity - you can apply directly online.
  • MetaJob: MetaJob has a very simple design, but has all the relevant functions. Currently (as of September 2020) applicants can search more than 1.1 million job offers from all areas here.

Applicant-specific job boards

Some portals are aimed specifically at a specific target group among applicants. We would also like to present these to you in our job exchange overview:

  • Academics.Jobs: Got your university degree and looking for a job? On Akademiker.Jobs is all about positions that require a Bachelor's or Master's degree.
  • Academics Online: The name suggests that this job exchange only contains positions for academics and graduates. The positions include all specialist areas and directions and cover the entire spectrum from management positions to academic staff. You will also find extensive information on many different companies on the portal.
  • Graduate: With its job exchange, Absolventa is aimed at all career starters. Direct entry positions, junior jobs or trainee positions are the focus here. If you do not have any work experience, you can find the right job here.
  • Career start: Newly graduated university graduates looking for their first job will also find what they are looking for on this job exchange. In addition to numerous job offers for academic career starters, there are also trainee positions in a wide variety of areas. The portal is therefore definitely suitable as an introduction to the job search.
  • Connecticum: Connecticum's target audience are students, graduates, and young professionals. Internship positions for students who are still studying are also explicitly advertised on this portal. The opportunity to search for theses is also exciting - students can use the job exchange to find a company where they can work and at the same time write their thesis on a related topic. There is also a search for trainee programs.

Industry-specific job boards

While the above-mentioned pages bring together professions from all industries, there are some industry-specific portals that focus on jobs from a specific area. In the last section of our job portal overview, we present some.

  • Banking jobBanking, finance, insurance, management consulting, auditing or accounting - if you are looking for a job in these areas, you are at the right address at Bankjob.
  • chemistry: This job exchange is all about job offers in the chemical industry. The site is basically designed as an information offer, the job search engine only represents part of the offer. Anyone looking for a job in this area should take a look and take the time to search.
  • Craftsman jobs: With tradesman jobs you can search for all trades and professions across Germany. On the clearly structured page you can search for your dream job and receive job advertisements from the selected area. The portal also offers a job agent to be informed by email.
  • Hotelcareer: There is also a special job exchange for all activities relating to the hotel and catering industry. On Hotelcareer, chefs, waiters, bartenders, restaurant specialists, hotel specialists and similar professions can find suitable job advertisements.
  • iBusiness: The name says it all: If you are looking for a job in the online sector and in the digital economy, you will probably find it here. Numerous agencies and service providers from the fields of SEO, web development and design are represented in this job exchange. A specialized offer that offers good opportunities and possibilities for the targeted target group.
  • Engineering center: This job exchange is aimed specifically at engineers and technical specialists. The range includes positions from development through project planning to field service. Geographically, the jobs are located throughout Germany and in some cases in neighboring countries.
  • Pharmaceutical jobs: On the job exchange Pharmajobs, job offers from pharmacy, biotechnology, medicine, chemistry and physics are advertised. If you are looking for a position in one of these areas, you should not ignore the job exchange. You can also search for individual professions and categories within the industries.

(All information has been carefully checked, but no guarantee is given.)

List of job exchanges: 25 other portals

The choice of job portals is significantly larger. In the following list of job boards, we have compiled more than 30 other job boards for you:

General job boards

  • 1A job market
  • FinestJobs
  • JobsInTown
  • JobScout
  • JobStairs
  • MapMeo
  • Yourfirm

Job boards for trainees

  • Trainee
  • IHK apprenticeship exchange

Job boards for graduates and students

  • Academics
  • Campus
  • Job canteen
  • Stellwerk
  • Trainee whispers
  • Unicum
  • UNI job market

Which job exchange is the best?

The question is often asked, but there is no general answer. The respective requirements of the applicants and the features of the job boards are too different for that.

The perfect job exchange is always thatthat best suits your job search. For example, those who value the largest possible job offer will find a very large selection in the job exchange of the Federal Employment Agency or Stepstone. However, if you are looking for jobs abroad, you can use Monster's international search function. If, on the other hand, your focus is on the simplest and most direct application possible at the click of a mouse, you are in good hands in the business networks LinkedIn and Xing.

Ultimately, we recommend that you try out some of the job portals mentioned and take a look around. This not only improves your job search, but also your job opportunities. Our online job exchange overview will hopefully help you further.

Important features in job boards

The respective online job boards offer different benefits, services and features. From the applicant's point of view, these can be highly relevant and help enormously when looking for a job. You should therefore take these criteria into account when choosing the right portals from our job exchange overview. Important features of job boards are:

  • number
    The larger the selection, the better the chances of finding a suitable job. Applicants first want to find as many suitable and relevant job advertisements as possible in a job exchange.
  • quality
    The quality of the job advertisements must also be right. It should contain all the necessary information to be able to quickly and easily determine whether the position fits your own ideas. Some job exchanges in the overview also score with background information about attractive employers.
  • Topicality
    In addition to the quantity of job advertisements, their topicality also counts. The job advertisements listed should always be up to date. Means: Jobs and positions that have long been filled should be delisted immediately, fresh vacancies should be picked up quickly in order to be able to apply for them immediately.
  • filter
    The searchability of job offers through filters is a fundamental feature of job boards. Applicants can make a preselection based on location, industry, job title, skills or company name. Here and there, the offers on the start page of the job exchanges can also be filtered according to the type of job (apprenticeship, internship, mini job, part-time, permanent position, etc.). Filters are extremely useful for narrowing down the search and keeping an overview.
  • Job agent
    With a so-called job agent, applicants can be automatically informed by email about new offers - according to their search criteria. The e-mail service often also allows you to have current job advertisements sent to you on a regular basis.This means that applicants do not have to visit the website every day and look for new offers. The name of this service differs depending on the job exchange.
  • Applicant profiles
    A few job boards such as StepStone, Monster, LinkedIn, Xing and the job board of the Employment Agency offer the possibility of a “passive job search”. Instead of applying for relevant job advertisements, users create what is known as an applicant profile and upload their résumé. You can then easily apply for vacancies with one click of the mouse. Or - if you agree - HR professionals can search the profiles according to their selection criteria and address the candidates directly.
  • More tips on looking for a job

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