How can you talk to Slenderman

How everything happened ...

Hey ^^

Wait! Please take your fingers off your keyboard and listen to me first.

The questions probably arise to you.

“What if he has a pack with Slender? Is he allowed to write about it at all? And tell us? "

Yes i may! I clarified ^^ with the argument

"I'm not going to write exactly how I made the" deal "with you, and most will think. That this book is for entertainment and you won't believe me because you exist anyway. "

That's how I got his yes ^^

"How can you talk to Slender when he doesn't have a mouth?"

"I can even tell you that. Slender doesn't talk at all. He's mute, he gets into my head and talks to me there. Telepathi is also called. Only that what he can do is much richer in detail. He can't just talk to me speak, he can also read thoughts, see my past, influence dreams, and access other areas of my brain.

"And why does slender speak German?"

Well he can speak any language. He just has to get into your head and take the vowels you know and understand. He can only speak what you can. He learns what you learn. There is only one difference .. there have been others before me .. he keeps this knowledge in order not to get bored and to understand people a little better.

"Can you use his knowledge as he can use yours?"

Well .. Slender is not a little kid who says "give me something and I'll tell you the solution", no .. in this respect he is like my parents, "should have studied, your bad luck", but he has often told me that the answer to the question the teacher asked that I was thinking of is correct. And so I went from a 3 to a 2 orally.

I don't get in touch if I don't know if it's right ...

If you have any questions, please ask me ^^. That would be questions that I would imagine as a reader.

I will also tell you about the last few weeks that were funny xD. Down there is also the valendine day xD.

So I hope to see you!