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From Germany, or even from the whole of the West, there are not many options about china to experience! I've learned that over the past 13 years. When I ask stranger pedestrians on the street what happens to you when they approach China think, these words appear most frequently:

"Communism", "Sensor", "(lack of) freedom", "Mao", "the big leap"

Every day I google for news with the search term "China". I almost never get a day when good news is spread. Documentaries from China are only shown if they are "critical", as are the films, literature ... likewise.

With CHI-NESIAN you can learn other things about China!

Nobody can convey a neutral picture of China, or ANYTHING at all. I've also learned that over the past 13 years. It is very clear to me that I cannot give you a neutral picture of China - I will not even try to do that. But I would like to remind you - in case you are not yet aware that Spiegel, Welt and Süddeutsche cannot do that either.

But with us you have the opportunity to hear a second voice.

German Chinese or Chinese German?

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Speak Chinese in the restaurant

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Journey through Chinese cuisine

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