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Mercedes-Benz Actros: the world's safest truck is now even safer

July 16, 2010

The safest truck in the world is now even safer: Mercedes-Benz is introducing the second generation of Active Brake Assist in the Actros heavy-duty truck. This previously unique and multiple award-winning security system can now do even more:

The new Active Brake Assist 2 im
Previously directed it in front of slower obstacles in front in the event of danger
In the event of a rear-end collision, the Active Brake will automatically apply the brakes
Assist 2 is now also active in front of stationary obstacles. Active Brake Assist,
Also called Emergency Brake Assist, has so far been used in more than 14,000 trucks and over
more than three billion kilometers on the roads of Europe
Performance demonstrated convincingly in practice.
Active Brake Assist: proven on more than three billion kilometers
Anti-lock braking system, traction control, disc brakes all around,
electronically controlled brake system, high-pressure brake system, brake assistant,
Lane assistant, roll control, distance control - the list of safety techniques
and safety systems are long found in Mercedes-Benz trucks
Celebrated world premiere. One of the highlights of the development is the
revolutionary Active Brake Assist. 2006 in the Mercedes-Benz Actros heavy truck
introduced, it has since proven itself very well in practice.
Numerous truck drivers are now reporting situations in which they do this
Has protected the safety system from an accident. Experts are sure:

The active
Brake Assist has saved human lives - not in terms of partner protection
only in trucks, but also in vehicles in front.
Various insurance companies are now also convinced that
this system for the customer and thus ultimately economical for you
is and therefore offer discounts when commercial vehicles have such
Techniques are equipped.
The new Active Brake Assist 2 represents another milestone. Solved that
Safety system so far an emergency braking only in the event of an impending one
A rear-end collision with a vehicle in front is how the Active Brake initiates
Assist 2 also a braking maneuver for stationary obstacles, for example
in the event of a surprising traffic jam on the motorway. This moves within the
global initiative Shaping Future Transportation from Daimler Trucks the vision
one step closer to accident-free driving.
The radar-controlled system detects standing obstacles
The scanning radar of the Active Brake Assist 2 scans a range of 1-200 m
the lane in front of the truck and continuously determines the distance and
the speed difference to a vehicle in front or to a
standing obstacle. If an accident is inevitable if the driving style is unchanged,
the driver is initially optically indicated by a red triangle and
acoustically alarmed by a warning tone. If the situation worsens
the system responds with a slowdown.
The warning concept is designed so that the driver can identify a critical situation himself
can defuse; because by one initiated by Active Brake Assist 2
Braking with 50% of the maximum braking force, the driver gains the time that
it is necessary to prevent the accident yourself.
Daimler Communications, 70546 Stuttgart / Germany
Mercedes-Benz - a brand of Daimler AG
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Decisive plus: effective from 0-89 km / h and robust for everyone
Weather and light conditions
Compared to other systems under development, the
Active Brake Assist 2 has decisive advantages. This is how the proven works
Radar technology robust in all weather and light influences. Also is that
Active Brake Assist across the entire speed range of a truck from
Slow travel at a fast pedestrian pace from 0 km / h to the speed of the motorway
active with the use of the limiter at 89 km / h.
Active Brake Assist 2 cannot always prevent accidents, it does
however, the automatic braking intervention reduces the
The collision speed and thus the consequences of the accident are quite considerable.
Active Brake Assist 2 will replace the previous system at the turn of the year. How
Mercedes-Benz has already supported the spread of Active Brake Assist to date
also through package offers together with other security systems
at an attractive price.
Active Brake Assist 2 celebrates its premiere in the Mercedes-Benz Actros Ende
September at the IAA in Hanover. Selected IAA topics are available online
from September 3 on the Internet at www.mercedes-benz.com/iaa
Claws E. Tohsche, www.daimler.com

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