How many shoes should I have

How many pairs of shoes should a man have?

Heyy, at first my question seems very stupid and one-sided. I know there are more important issues in life.

I am currently in a phase where I want to dress very wealthy but still want to have style. ( Boy)

Well, I wanted to get some new shoes in the near future. Because I only own a pair of adidas sneakers and old school vans shoes. Both are already a year old. So it's time to get new ones.

I am currently 15 and go to high school in class 10. In my class, everyone really pays attention to fashion and many also wear expensive brands (lacoste, tommy hilfiger, etc ..). I actually also pay attention to fashion and am focused on my style (rather wealthy). However, I was brought up with the attitude that expensive branded clothes would flaunt and that something would mark you as arrogant. Especially at my age. I also have some friends who have this attitude.

Now I am afraid that if I arrive with lacoste shoes I will get strange comments. Somehow I think that branded clothes are too important. Although I think it's very beautiful.

My family doesn't have that big money either, so a guilty conscience ..

By the way, I buy the shoes with 50% of my money (deliver the newspaper, work on father's job)

By the way: I also wear other branded clothes, sweaters and so on, but only nike or alpha industries or something like that. Nevertheless, I also have no-name clothes.

I know I'm getting too much into the topic 😂😂 but still, what do you think?