What influenced Gerard Way's lyrics

Umbrella Academy - the ingenious comic and its adaptation to series

Hey, what did you do over the weekend? - "I watched the first episodes of this Umbrella Academy on Netflix." - And?

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Yes, with the "And?" I want to get involved and, above all, shit smart. What no one seems to know is that Umbrella Academy is actually a comic. But not from Marvel or DC, so the mainstream doesn't seem to care that much. Actually a shame, because what Gerard Way creates in the 12 issues (which I have read so far) has more sophistication, atmosphere and intelligence than all Avengers put together.

"MOMENT! Gerard Way, that's… “… exactly, the Gerard Way, as in the front man and singer of My Chemical Romance. We have thus also clarified the reference to music. Mr. Way may have made music history, but I think he's even better at writing scripts for comics!

While the third anthology, and thus also the third story arc of the unconventional superhero academy story, will be published here in Germany in September, the first two are already available. And they have it all! Umbrella Academy is bizarre storytelling about a broken family relationship, enriched with superpowers. Visually unmistakably staged by Gabriel Bá.

But what else should come of it when seven children are adopted by a rich, aloof patron who has nothing in common except their superpowers. Raised by an android as a mother and an anthropomorphic monkey - which is nothing unusual in this world, by the way. It can be about time travel, trips to the moon and an Eiffel Tower with a life of its own.

Unfortunately, that brings us to the crux of the series adaptation. In my opinion, the biggest problem is the freedom the series takes. In principle, I am not against adjustments and changes. I don't find the increased diversity of the characters disturbing as it doesn't affect the story. Rather, in the first season of Umbrella Academy, the two story arcs mentioned blur into one that does not do justice to either of the two templates. However, if you look at the series and the comic separately, Umbrella Academy is an entertaining series. You often notice the limits of the budget, but it never seems below average. Nevertheless, I can only recommend everyone to read the comics, because there is the real Umbrella Academy in its unrestricted splendor.

All the more anticipation I feel when thinking about volume three “Hotel Oblivion” in September, more precisely on September 11, 2019 at Cross-Cult!