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The democratic developments are suppressed, opposition leaders murdered, journalists and lawyers have to be to hide oneself.
Gli sviluppi democratici vengono frustrati, i capi dell'opposizione assassinati, i giornalisti e gli avvocati devono nascondersi.
And then the monsters ran away and had to to hide oneself.
E i mostri scapparono e furono costretti a nascondersi.
I don't think bees to hide oneself.
It helps him when he to hide oneself and have to wait.
she can to hide oneselfbut don't run away.
Lorenz, however, can flee and to hide oneself.
she had to to hide oneself and suffered from amnesia.
Your mother had to to hide oneselfso as not to be arrested.
Hanno costretto tua madre a nascondersi per evitare di essere arrestata.
I have an idea where he is to hide oneself could.
Houses all over London where he to hide oneself can.
Then somewhere where you can to hide oneself can?
Nothing with a new girlfriend, no indication that he might be in trouble or where he is to hide oneself could.
Niente con una nuova ragazza, nessun indizio che indichi se sia nei guai, o dove potrebbe nascondersi.
Flee, to hide oneselfTo beg for mercy, scatter the troops to the winds.
Fuggire, nascondersi... implorare pietà, smobilitare le forze.
If that hits, he'll run like a basement rat and to hide oneself.
Meglio che scappare e nascondersi come un topo di fogna.
There's nowhere Shaw to hide oneself could.
You can see from the movements who is a terrorist and to hide oneself want.
Dai movimenti riesci a distinguere i terroristi che cercano di nascondersi.
In six seconds he could have done a lot, jumped over the railing, to hide oneself...
Avrebbe potuto fare molto in sei secondi, saltare aldilà del parapetto, nascondersi...
I told him to to hide oneself and don't tell me where.
I can forgive him for that to hide oneself and wanted to be alone.
Forse posso perdonarlo se ha deciso di nascondersi, you star there solo.
There are millions of houses out there in which they are to hide oneself could.
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