Are there any books about hiring employees?

Our top 5 book tips on leadership

Today we have five books on the subject Employee management prepared for you and would like to introduce them to you! We made sure that the reading is not too sleepy. The five books are all pretty up-to-date so that you always stay up to date. And now, without long talk, our top 5 in February:

The boss I will never forget

How to gain loyalty and respect from your employees. Great leaders are first and foremost great people. And there is a great personality in most people - but it has to be exposed.

ISBN: 978-3593507088 | € 24.95


"Great book, which arouses the longing for just such a boss."

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Entry into the leadership role

The change from colleague to supervisor poses important questions to those affected: How do I prepare properly? Which requirements do I have to meet and which ones can I meet? How do I want to shape my new leadership role?

ISBN: 978-3446448964 | € 30.00


"Great reading for beginners and refresher"

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More success through teamwork

Leading teams has become more and more popular since the world of work has changed and structures and processes have been adapted to a modern environment. But a team leader is not born and does not fall from the sky. Learn how as a team leader you can lead your team efficiently.

ISBN: 978-1730752490 | € 8.99


"All important information about leadership in one book!"

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Who has the ball?

Three small but significant changes in the manager - and almost as if by magic, the employees change. In the form of an entertaining story, the author tells how manager Martin Dampf uses the three steps to activate his employees and encourage them to think for themselves.

ISBN: 978-3451613746 | € 19.99


"Clear and practical presentation of the challenges of leadership."

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When old school leadership meets new work leadership

Technological progress opens up new and undreamt-of possibilities for everyone. This will revolutionize our economy and corporate leadership. Managers are challenged. They either have to change their leadership style from the ground up or at least radically add new behaviors.

ISBN: 978-3869368627 | € 32.90

"A MUST NOT only for executives"

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