Are there rattlesnakes in Alaska

Reptile slept over Alaska | Lost line on board

It was a bit like the trash film "Snakes on a Plane" (2006) with Samuel L. Jackson (68), in which murderous poisonous snakes attack the passengers in an airplane.

Only this time was it a reality - and the snake was a non-poisonous, peaceful, sleepy fellow.

On a flight from the village of Aniak to the 300,000-inhabitant city of Anchorage in Alaska, a passenger who disembarked on the outbound flight had left something on the plane: his pale reptile, about one and a half meters long.

The passenger Anna McConnaughy told the news agency "AP" what happened next: "The pilot came and said, 'Guys, we have a line on board, but we don't know where it is." "

Boy found the animal

A little boy who was among the seven passengers on the scheduled flight last Sunday climbed into his seat and found the sleeping snake. It was partially covered by a duffel bag in the back of the machine.

McConnaughy: "He said, 'Oh, mom, look, what's that?" And that's how they found the snake.

In contrast to the B-movie “Snakes on a Plane”, there was no panic on board. On the contrary, the passengers wanted to catch a glimpse of the animal.

The pilot then told the stewardess that he would be holding a bag and that she should grab the line and put it in. "Quite a gentleman," joked McConnaughy.

Big animals are not allowed

A spokesman for the Ravn Alaska airline said the snake owner had not registered his animal. When he got to Aniak, he reported that the animal was gone and probably on its way back to Anchorage.

The airline does not actually allow large animals on board - except for dogs that are used as service dogs. Nevertheless, the passenger was grateful that he had announced his loss.

Anna McConnaughy said there were many snakes in her original homeland, the far east of Russia. But in Alaska there are hardly any wild snakes and that is fine with her.

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