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He is behind the successful concept of the International Wolfgangsee Run: Franz Sperrer.
Wolfgangseelauf: "Landscape, myth, passion!"
Franz Sperrer is an all-rounder in local running and a successful organizer of the International Wolfgangsee Run, one of the most popular running events in Austria. In an interview with Planet-Running, he looks back on the record-breaking 2014 event, which took place in October under imperial conditions.
What were the highlights of this year's Wolfgangsee run for you?
In addition to the sporting aspects, many nice running stories were written: The fact that we were able to record more than 4,000 reports for the first time is just as much a part of it as the 37th participation of the almost 90-year-old Matthias Strobl. The 100th marathon by Susanne Schöberl, who was the first Austrian to do this at our Salzkammergut Marathon, and the American Abby Knight, who - on a four-week honeymoon in Europe - came in second overall in the marathon in a short wedding dress and with a wedding bouquet in hand, suited a wonderful autumn day.

Do you already have new ideas for 2015?
Many - but implementing them in such a way that the runners experience them in a positive and enriching way is the particular challenge. As in previous years, we will include the feedback from as many participants as possible together with our personal analyzes in the final planning for October 18, 2015. Staying close to the runner's pulse ensures that the event is a real experience.

The number of participants in the individual competitions is increasing enormously in some cases. How many runners can there be at the Wolfgangsee run?
I think that with the current framework conditions with 5,000 participants, we will reach our limits. Should there be even more in the long term, our highly motivated team will be happy to tackle this “luxury problem” in order to take the necessary quality assurance measures to further develop the event. Already in the last few years (unnoticed by many) a number of organizational cogs have been turned in order to give everyone the special "Wolfgangseelauf feeling" despite the significantly higher number of starters.

You have been an event organizer for three years and previously were responsible for the press for many years - what is special about the Wolfgangseelauf for you? Describe it in three words!
Landscape, myth, passion.

Have you ever competed the run yourself?
Unfortunately only twice. In retrospect, I regret that. There were a few years when I saw participation as too sporty and just wanted to start in top form. At that time I should have seen the special experience of the Wolfgangsee run more. I've worked on the organization team twenty times. Organization and personal participation cannot be combined, at least up to now. But I can run the lake lap in training at any time - but I know that the experience value does not match participating in a run.

You are an event professional. How many runs do you organize a year? Are there any plans for new events?
The Wolfgangseelauf and the Welser Businessrun, which I organize with Hermann Kaufmann, the work at running sports magazine and around 15 annual running presentations are more than enough. There are a number of other offers. But for me it is about doing my work in the best possible way in the interests of the runners - this is currently very successful. But the day only has 24 hours - and if I can't run regularly myself, I will soon lack the necessary power. Therefore I will certainly not organize any new events.

What else do you wish for the Wolfgangsee run?

Furthermore, such a great enthusiasm of the participants, but also of my terrific organization team, which with great joy and enthusiasm is developing the event step by step in the interests of the participants and thus giving everyone a special running experience.
Text: Roland Romarik
Photo: Wolfgangseelauf / Hörmandinger