Can be proven after 6 months

Testing antibodies against SARS-CoV-2: does it make sense after 6 months?

The question of when an antibody test makes sense and when it doesn't (anymore) cannot be answered with a time specification. The answer is individual and is closely related to immunity after corona disease.

How long are we immune to COVID-19 after illness?

that is probably one of the most difficult questions for science right now. We have therefore dedicated a separate article to this topic: How long am I immune to Corona?

COVID-19 immunity appears to be based on two physical levels:

  • Immunity with Antibodies: During an infection, the body produces antibodies that protect people from becoming ill again. How long this immunity lasts seems very individual. It is currently assumed that it will last at least 2-3 months, but for some people a few months more (long-term studies are still missing here).

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  • Immunity at the cellular level: The immune system also seems to build up protection at the cellular level (macrophages, killer cells, T cells). If no more antibodies can be detected, it is possible that the body has also built up cellular protection, which protects against renewed infection.

In the following this means:

Antibody immunity can be demonstrated with an antibody test. Does the tested person still have detectable antibodies to SARS-CoV-2 so can at the moment by one immunity can be assumed. She has run out of antibodies, that can no longer be said clearly, it but there may still be cellular protection.

Does an antibody test make sense after 6 months?

A Antibody test after 6 months so makes sense for all those people who want to know whether you still have protection against SARS-CoV-2 by means of antibodies after surviving COVID-19.

Reasons for an antibody test after 6 months vs. after 1 month:

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