How and why do robots name robots

The most popular robot names

Many vacuum cleaner robots, mopping robots or lawn robots are affectionately nicknamed by their owners. This may seem strange to a newcomer to household robotics, after all, the dishwasher is usually not given a name ... But this is quite normal among robot fans.

We asked you on Facebook what your robots are called. We were able to identify these four trends:

1. Robi and Co.

The classics under the robot names are derived from the device and / or its function. This is what many robots are called simply:

  1. • Robi

  2. • Robin

  3. • Robert

  4. • Robbi / Robby / Robbyline

  5. • Mop / Mop

  6. • Dusty

  7. • Saugi

  8. • Wischi

  9. • Crumbs

2. Famous robots in all honor

Some of our Facebook fans pay tribute to their robotic heroes by naming their own robots after them. Here some examples:

  1. • Wall-E / Wally

  2. • Robocop

  3. • Nono

3. The fine English style

Even if they can't (yet) bring you breakfast to bed: When the robot does the vacuuming and the robotic lawnmower cuts the lawn by itself, it sometimes feels like you have a personal butler. Many household robots are therefore called:

  1. • Bob / Bobby

  2. • Alfred

  3. • James

4. Creative and fancy robot names

Of course, there are also many names for vacuum robots and Co. that cannot be easily pigeonholed. Here are the funniest, most creative and eccentric robot names from our Facebook fans:

  1. • Guschtel and Horschti

  2. • Whistle

  3. • Junk

  4. • Horst Dieter

  5. • Hyrbie

  6. • Jarvis, Hancock, Loki and Hermann

  7. • ... or simply "the idiot" (if the vacuum robot gets stuck under the couch ...)

Does your robot have a name?
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