Captain Marvel was the first avenger

Steve Rogers

Captain America
NicknamesCap, The Captain, Nomad
Real nameSteven "Steve" Grant Rogers
place of birthManhatten, New York, USA
size1.88 meters (Approximately)
First appearanceCaptain America # 1 (1941, March)
GroupingsThe Avengers, The Secret Avengers, S.H.I.E.L.D., Hydra, The New Avengers, Redeemers, Invaders, Illuminati, Avengers Unity Division
inventorJack Kirby, Joe Simon

Steve Rogers, alias Captain America, is one of the first superheroes of the Marvel Universe.

Captain America appeared in the Timely Comics for the first time in 1941, during World War II, and was used for propaganda reasons. So he always fought against Nazis and Japanese, whose representations in the comics of the time were always very one-sided and exaggerated.

His comics were never very successful in Germany.

Personality & Skills Edit source]

Captain America is always shown as a blond and blue-eyed man, which back then was a swipe at the Aryan role models of the German Empire. This was also due to the two inventors of Captain America, as Jack Kirby and Joe Simon were both Jewish.

Rogers got his powers from the Super Soldier Serum, which not only gave him superhuman strength, but also improved his stamina and increased his intelligence.

His shield is made of the indestructible material vibranium. The shield can be used for close combat as well as for long-range combat. To do this, he throws his shield at his opponents with incredible speed.

Fictional biography Edit source]

Steve Rogers was born in Manhattan, New York in 1925 to a poor Irish family. His parents, Joseph and Sarah Rogers, both died before Rogers grew up. When the war against Germany began, Rogers really wanted to fight for his homeland, but was never accepted because he was too weak and unsuitable to serve in the military. So he learned something about the "Project rebirth"and volunteered. There they wanted to create a super soldier using an as yet untested serum. After the experiment with Rogers, they were even successful and Steve changed drastically. He became as strong as a human could be.

The man behind this experiment, Abraham Erskine, who was still Dr. Josef Reinstein mentioned, but worked very sloppily and did not document all the ways that were necessary to produce the super soldier serum. After a very short time, the German scientist was shot by a Nazi secret agent, so that no more super soldiers could be created.

So Rogers was hired as a soldier, partly so that they could sweep the "Project Rebirth" under the table. Among other things, he fought against his archenemy Red Skull and was able to record great successes against him. Soon he got to know the young Bucky Barnes early in the infantry, who knew about Captain America's dual identity and promised never to reveal anything if Captain America accepted Barnes as his sidekick. Rogers agreed. The then president, Franklin D. Roosevelt, gave Rogers a shield for protection in combat, which was made of vibranium.

In 1945, however, when he tried to stop Baron Zemo's attack on one of the American drone planes with his sidekick and best friend Bucky Barnes, a bomb on the drone that the baron attached to the plane exploded and exploded in front of Barnes. Captain America and Bucky Barnes were pronounced dead. However, Cap was thrown into the cold waters of the North Atlantic by the explosion.

The government needed a new Captain America and, with the help of some scientists, created a new super soldier serum, which was tested on William Burnside and James Monroe. The experiment was partially successful and William was allowed to put on and pretend to be Captain America's suit, so that he continued to fight as a cap in the 40s and 50s. To make sure everything worked, he also changed his name to Steve Rogers. But there were significant side effects and Burnside, like Monroe, became paranoid after a while.

Years later, Captain America was found frozen in the Atlantic by the Avengers and thawed. For a short time, Captain America was disappointed with the government and took off the Captain America suit. He called himself Nomad and had a completely new suit. However, he quickly switched back to the normal Captain America suit and James Monroe took the name Nomad, including the costume.

Trivia [edit | Edit source]

  • In Germany, not many comic book publishers wanted to market Captain America. An American who fought against Nazis during World War II was too tricky for them.

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