What is the state animal of Colorado


flag Coat of arms / seal
Capital: Denver
Nickname: The Centennial State
surface 269,601 km²
Residents 5.029.196

Colorado is a state in the United States of America.

Colorado is the setting for several of Stephen King's works:

American vampires (-> locations)
Skinner Sweet is caught in Sidewinder, Colorado.
Doctor Sleep (-> locations)
Danny Torrance must join the sect The true knot place where the overlook once stood. There is the Bluebell Campground and the roof of the world, which will be the last showdown between Danny and the vampire. Before that, Danny and Billy Freeman stop in Boulder's Arapahoe Street to finally say goodbye to his past.
IT (-> locations)
Ben Hanscom designed the Mountain States Cultural Center in Colorado Springs.
Fire child (-> locations)
As Andy McGee speaks to his friend Quincey Tremont on the phone, he realizes that there might be some places on the way from Ohio to California that the company could tap into. Among other things in Colorado.
In the tall grass (-> locations)
Becky and Cal DeMuth are en route 400 to the Kansas-Colorado border.
The last battle (-> locations)
Boulder, Colorado is one of the main locations of the novel.
revival (-> locations)
Jamie Morton meets Hughes Yates, a hugely successful music producer, in Colorado. Thanks to Charles Jacobs, the contact is made. Morton moves to Nederland in the middle of the Rocky Mountains. The music studio, the Wolfjaw Ranch, is located in the town limits. Denver International Airport is used several times to fly to the eastern United States. Other places mentioned are Boulder, Aspen, Arvada and Denver.
Shining (-> locations)
The Overlook is located in the middle of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. The Torrances lived in Boulder when Jack Torrance had the interview at the hotel.
you (-> locations)
Sidewinder, the closest location to Annie Wilkes Farm, is in Colorado.

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Stephen King has a strong relationship with Colorado. He and his family once lived in Boulder.

The real Colorado

Colorado (English [ˌkɒləˈɹɑːdoʊ] or [ˌkɒləˈɹædoʊ]) is a state in the western to central part of the United States of America. With its share of the Rocky Mountains, it is one of the mountain states and, with an average height of 2,073 meters, is the highest state in the USA. As the "Centennial State", it emerged in 1876, 100 years after the United States' Declaration of Independence (1776), from the Colorado Territory, which had been founded 15 years earlier. The capital and economic center is Denver, in whose metropolitan area more than half of the five million inhabitants of Colorado live.