What font does Facebook use

Facebook logo font & color mix

The font from the Facebook logo

The Facebook logo is a slight variation on the Klavika bold font.

This modification was redesigned by a graphic artist and the result comes very close to the original. You can download this font for the Facebook logo for free here.

Klavika bold can be bought here.

More Facebook fonts

The font that Facebook uses for the usual font on the page is different for PC than it is on mobile phones. Here is an overview of the fonts used for the Facebook page font:

Pc: Tahoma

Mac: Lucida Grande

Android: Roboto

iOS: Helvetica Neue

A little tip: to change the font on Facebook, you can download a browser extension. e.g. "Font Changer", download for Google Chrome.

The Facebook color mix - the distinctive blue

The typical Facebook blue is # 3b5998 (RGB: 59, 89, 152)

There are still some gradations that look like this:

Facebook blue
Hex: # 3b5998
RGB: 59, 89, 152
Facebook Medium Blue
Hex: # 6d84b4
RGB: 109, 132, 180
Facebook light blue
Hex: # afbdd4
RGB: 175, 189, 212
Facebook brightest blue
Hex: # d8dfea
RGB: 216, 223, 234
Hex: #ffffff
RGB: 255, 255, 255