What are the unknown facts about Cognizant

A portrait of a not entirely unknown lady (a column by your Theodora Tratsch)

You have probably already asked yourself why a certain person appears particularly often in the advertisements in the house newspaper or the community newspaper. (I only say one thing: “plum cake”.) In the conversations and interviews I have even been asked about it several times.


Wouldn't it be worth a column to get to know this ominous lady once and get an interview from her, I thought to myself? Provided this lady is really what she claims to be.


My research led me to the archive, where I read the latest issues of this house newspaper to heart. And lo and behold, this elderly woman beamed at me everywhere. Not only on the advertisements, no, even on the photos between the real residents.


But now my curiosity about these ladies was really awakened. My next step took me to the retirement home in Ormesheim and then I found out that this lady is actually a resident of the house. So my assumption that it was an extra committed "pensioner model" was not confirmed! (When you consider what the advertising is telling you as truth, I wouldn't have been in the least surprised.)


I now had the opportunity to speak to said lady. It later turned out that it was not easy to get an appointment for an interview. Due to its constant presence in the media, it is booked out for months. But my persistence had paid off. At last I sat across from a very likeable, elderly lady. No trace of arrogance. In my experience, success often rises above people's heads.


She laughed and immediately attacked me with the words: “You are the first reporter who is interested in me. I'm really excited. ”And that's how I got my interview.


The lady moved in here in the year it opened and she “feels very much at home here”, as she assured me several times. Her appearance in the many photos with the residents is explained simply by the fact that she “likes to take part in all the activities” that the house has to offer. She wants "after all, not to rust mentally, but to stay fit for a long time."


Then she told me about your previous life. She was a saleswoman in a leather shop in St. Wendel, which gave her a lot of pleasure, because she really enjoys being with people.


So an extremely interesting afternoon came to an end with a cup of coffee. I said goodbye and promised to visit you again in any case.


I will cherish and cultivate this contact. My appointment pad got some new entries with the note IMPORTANT!


Renate Blank