What colors go well with mango yellow

These are the trend colors for 2019 and this is how you wear them

So that's them, the trend colors in spring and summer 2019. The year will be bright and happy, because strong colors with a good mood guarantee are on the rise. But soft nuances are also part of the color trends for 2019. You can find out what these are and how you wear them in this article.

Spring is coming - YAY - and it's time for one Update in the wardrobe. I already told you in previous trend reports which patterns, materials and accessories are trendy in 2019. Today it's all about them Trend colors 2019.

Because what would fashion be without colors? Exactly, quite a boring affair. Fortunately, the color palette holds up in the New Year a lot of variety for fashion fans ready. You can find out which nuances accompany us through the new year in this article. So these are them Trend colors 2019 and this is how you wear them.

These colors will cause a stir in 2019

The Color Institute Pantone Annually not only announces the color of the year, but also selects a whole range of tones as the Trend colors for the new fashion year. And that has a lot to offer in terms of color. First of all, I can tell you, it will be colorful - very colorful. In addition to rich yellow tones, strong red and bright blue, pink and orange also whet the appetite for the upcoming sunshine season. But why wait for temperatures to rise? Get the trend colors 2019 in your wardrobe and put others with them Good mood colors at.

Those who are daring in fashion combine the trendy bright colors with each other - Color blocking is back! However, the colors can also be broken down with basics in a more subtle color scheme and are thus suitable for everyday use. The light and dark neutrals at the end of the post are good choices for this.

The trend color 2019: Living Coral

All trend colors are of course first Living Coral, the color of the year 2019."Living Coral is more delicate than pure red, more intense than pink and is more pleasing to the eye than pure orange"is the brief description of Pantone. In contrast to orange, the soft coral tone appears less intrusive, more approachable and also more wearable.

How to style Living Coral and some interesting facts about the color of the year can be found in the detailed trend report.

Trend color yellow: Aspen Gold and Lemon Verbena

At first glance, yellow is one Summer color. We combine the happy tone with sunshine and warm temperatures. In the new fashion year we are also in a good mood for the transition period and spring. Because yellow not only shines in competition with the sun, it actually influences our psyche. The Trend color impresses in 2019 in different nuances.

For one, there is a light lemon yellow called lemon verbena set the tone. The color is encouraging, but not too bright and reminds you of a vacation on the Amalfi Coast. On the other hand, we are looking forward to the rich yellow tone Aspen gold. The sunflower yellow with a golden undertone is much quieter and more subdued than Lemon Verbena and is definitely the better choice for people who are less courageous about fashion.

How to wear yellow in 2019

It is important that the nuance worn matches the complexion. Otherwise, you will quickly appear sickly or pale. Yellow works best on dark-haired people or people with a "basic tan". The perfect styling partners for yellow are light denim, silver, brown, cream and beige.

Trend color orange: Mango Mojito and Tumeric

The Trend color orange This season not only shines in autumn. Mango mojito is a golden-yellow shade of mango that looks warm and friendly. The color is reminiscent of a wonderful sunset on the beach. For holiday vibes, we integrate this color into your own wardrobe even in the cold season.

The second shade of orange is even more radiant Tumeric. This is a mix of yolk yellow and orange that is reminiscent of the turmeric root and allows the sun to shine despite bad weather. Whoever wants to make a statement wears Orange in a complete look. But eye-catching moments can also be created with individual parts or accessories.

What is orange combined with?

The bright color works best with black or olive. Harmonious looks can also be created with shades of cream, brown or cobalt blue. Of course, mango mojito also goes well with classic denim blue.

Trend color pink: Sweet Lilac and Pressed Rose

2019 stays with us Pink as a trend color received and is in demand like never before. With Pressed rose there is also a shade for romantics and dreamers. Sweet Lilac goes a touch more purple, a mix of pink and lavender, and is perfect for all those who like to wear pink without wearing pink. You know?

This is how you combine pink

Pink looks best in a head-to-toe look. As a real combination wonder, the trend color goes well with almost every other color. A pink blouse with casual jeans and sneakers is always an option.

Trend color pink peacock

Yes, Pink Peacook is an old friend among the trend colors. It was already one of the designers' favorites in autumn 2018. No wonder, because the multi-faceted color can be styled casual, chic and also suitable for the office. Exactly the right tone for everyone who wants to attract attention, or who want to add a splash of color to an otherwise neutral outfit with a small detail.

This is how you style pink peacock

In addition to neutral colors, olive green, brown or dark blue are also nice companions for Pink Peacock. All those who prefer a gaudy look choose red or another shade of pink as a combination partner.

Trend color red: Fiesta and Jester Red

Red has become an indispensable part of the fashion world. The acoustic signal is of course one of the trend colors again in 2019. Two shades of red in particular made it to the front - the intense one Fiesta and the dark and spicy one Jester Red.

With the orange touch, Fiesta exudes energy, joie de vivre and passion. Jester Red, on the other hand, stands for depth and intensity. The beautiful dark red is the perfect choice for elegant looks.

How to wear red in the 2019 fashion year

Red from head to toe is too daring for many in everyday life. Fiesta should be combined with calm tones such as beige, brown or cream. This way the bright red can work better. Jester Red flatters other dark tones, pinks and nudes. The two trend colors also create a wow effect on nails and lips.

Trend color blue: Princess Blue and Eclipse

Of course, blue is also represented in the league of trend colors -Princess Blue, a brilliant cobalt blue, and Eclipse, a deep dark midnight blue, as the name suggests.

Princess Blue is a majestic color and guarantees wow effects in the new season without being too flashy and can therefore be worn all over, e.g. in the form of a power suit. The rich color shade provides a welcome cooling off on hot summer days.

The Navyton Eclipse solves in Fashion year 2019 classic black and goes with almost everything. Formal outfits in particular get a stylish upgrade thanks to the trend color.

This is how you combine the trendy shades of blue

Fashionistas like to wear cobalt blue in a complete look. But that's not every woman's thing. Parts in black or white are always a good choice. Personally, however, I advise combining it with orange and beige - these colors go particularly well with shades of blue in summer.

Trend color green: sage and pepper stem

Summer turns green. Whether dresses, tops or accessories - no one can ignore green this year. Above all a pastel tone and a strong green with yellow undertone alla Kermit the frog.

sage exudes lightness and can be worn from head to toe. The pastel tone looks very elegant, especially on flowing and light materials. An all-over look in Pepper Stem however, it would work very differently. The color is somewhat reminiscent of khaki, but is lighter and less strong. With the new one Triumphant advance of neon colors the appearance of a nuance like Pepper Stem on the fashionable scene is a logical conclusion.

How do you style the trend color green?

Sage goes well with other pastel tones, white and brown tones. But also the Color of the year Living Coral is a good choice for soft green. In any case, bronzer and blush should be used to prevent the complexion from looking pale. In contrast to sage, Pepper Stem can be used as a styling partner in bright colors such as pink, red or yellow.

Neutral trend colors 2019

Light neutrals: the trendy colors soybean and sweet corn

Shades of beige appear mature and sophisticated and just go with everything. Two colors from the soft, light color palette are among them Color trends 2019.

Soybean is the perfect base tone. A Touch of beige provides an elegant note and symbolizes the renaissance of beige and cream tones in fashion. The perfect color for everyone who likes it subtle. The neutrals also feature in the trend palette Sweet corn, a Creamy white with a small amount of yellow, a - just like fresh popcorn with a little butter. Unlike pure white, the color is less harsh and therefore easier to combine.

How do I combine light neutrals?

This question is relatively easy to answer. Beige goes with almost everything. The color works best on its own, from head to toe. Or also in the combination of winter whites. Soybean and sweet popcorn paired with pink or orange are causing more sensation.

Dark neutrals: Toffee and Brown Granite

The dark neutrals Among the trend colors 2019 show themselves in the truest sense from their chocolate side. The reputation of being stuffy has grown brown already successfully passed. Now it comes up trumps with new nuances and possible combinations. toffee and Brown granite are the “brownies” of the hour.

The warm one Caramel-tone toffee is extremely flattering and easy to combine. Brown coats and trousers in particular are the trendy bright colors in spring. Brown granite is a cooler and more subtle brown. The dark classic is a unexcited companion and styling partner for the entire range of trend colors this year. The perfect basic color.

How do I combine brown?

As dark neutrals, toffee and brown granite can of course be styled in a variety of ways. Personally, I find the combination with orange or pink extremely beautiful. You can create more elegant looks with dark blue and cream tones.