Where can I stream movies in cinemas

Streaming movies: overpriced nonsense or real alternative? Our conclusion on the first evening at the home cinema!

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Those who miss films in the cinema are given the opportunity to catch them up at home earlier and earlier. There are now only a good four months between the cinema release and home cinema exploitation - even the concept of bringing films to the cinemas at the same time and releasing them as video-on-demand has been in the air for some time. But what recently sounded like a dream of the future is reality today - thanks to the coronavirus.

Sure, this is an exceptional situation that nobody could have expected. We are therefore not talking about a supplementary offer, but rather an emergency alternative - because going to the cinema is simply not possible for some time. But is streaming the latest movies really a worthy substitute? Or to put it another way: does this even result in advantages?

I just tried it. After all, I usually go to the cinema a good ten times a month - and I'm slowly getting withdrawal symptoms. So why not start with “The Invisible One”? I've wanted to see it again since I went to the cinema (especially the first half is really strong!) - so it suited me very well that Universal, of all things, the new horror film by Leigh Whannell as the first feature film (next to "Emma.") Prematurely as VoD provides ...

(Home) cinema in quarantine: Do more than just press "Play"

While many nowadays are only concerned with efficiency, with achieving as much as possible in a short time, in times like these you can take a little more time to celebrate the cinema in your own four walls.

Karl Lagerfeld once said: “Anyone who wears sweatpants has lost control of their life” - I would like to politely contradict: “Who never Wearing sweatpants has lost control of his life! ”At the time of staying at home, however, that also means that, as a self-made cosiness fanatic, I hardly wear anything else. In the morning with coffee on the balcony? Sweatpants. Work in the home office? Sweatpants. On the couch in the evening? Sweatpants.

But: When I suggested to my quarantine roommate to watch “The Invisible One”, she was immediately enthusiastic. “Oh great, we're going to the cinema!” Hm, yes. Somehow. Right. How right she is! Apart from the fact that I would watch a current movie at home for the first time (which in itself would be reason enough to celebrate), you can also dress up a bit for the cinema - and feel like a real person again instead of for weeks to collect in front of you (but it's just so damn convenient!).

Stream now: A real highlight that would actually be shown in the cinema right now

And actually it was really good to put on a shirt again, to smack some kind of goo in your hair and at least halfway to look so that it would be enough to get to know the mother-in-law. If your self-discipline is as ironic as mine (namely not at all), a movie night at home is a welcome change to feel good again despite self-isolation - and not just open the box and quickly go to "play" to press.

Tip # 1: Celebrate the cinema, dress up! Of course, this also works with older (and therefore cheaper) films - but maybe a bit more fun with a new cinema release.

Snacks: Because cinema also goes through the stomach

Admittedly, since I've been living in Berlin, I've just gone to the cinema too often to regularly treat myself to snacks with the film - it's simply not there, but it doesn't have to. That's enough for me if there is a nice occasion for it. And “The Invisible Man” is definitely one of those in home cinema!

So during the lunch break we went from the home office to the supermarket around the corner (you guessed it: sweatpants) to get the bare essentials: two packs of nachos including sauces, chips, sweets and of course cola. It just has to be, even if I've only really been drinking it in the cinema for years - just like those smokers who only smoke when they leave.

The snacks are of course not only much cheaper than in the cinema, they also taste at least as good - even if popcorn followers might find at this point that “cinema popcorn tastes different than normal” - and may even be right. But I'm more of a Nacho friend anyway, that's why. Just get whatever else you would treat yourself to in the cinema and you will see: You will get in the mood.

Tip # 2: Get your cinema snacks. They fill you up and create an atmosphere!

Cinema at home: expensive fun?

Movies for home? Nice and good. But 17.99 euros just to watch a movie lend? Not everyone likes it. After all, you get the Blu-ray for it a few months later, and then you get it owns. Films other than video-on-demand generally cost no more than 4.99 euros. The difference: they have already been shown in the cinema before or have ended up in the home theater anyway. "The Invisible One" only ran for a short time before the cinemas closed - "Emma." Or "Bloodshot" hits it even harder.

Tip # 3: For the full cinematic atmosphere, it is best to put together a playlist of trailers that you watch through together before the film - preferably of course with current films such as "Emma.", "Bloodshot", "The Color from Space" and "Doctor Sleep." “That have just landed in the home theater.

Already in the home theater: comic actioner "Bloodshot" with Vin Diesel!

Since my expenses are limited with my living space in Corona times (keyword: snacks from the supermarket!), I allow myself to support others. For example, I stream films from the distributor Grandfilm, which shares the income with its regular cinemas, or watch advertising online that makes money from my favorite cinema. In addition, with every DVD, every streaming subscription and every cinema ticket (and also with videos on demand) I invest in the cinema, which has given me so many wonderful hours in my life - which should be followed by as many as possible.

Apart from that, you always only pay one price, no matter how many people are watching! In times of social distancing, this is inevitably limited to your roommates, but even that can make a big difference if you live in a shared apartment, like me. Then quickly only 6 euros per person (or even less) - and that's a very reasonable price for a cinema ticket!

Depending on how many people you watch a film with and how much you bare, a movie evening in your own four walls is actually cheaper than going to the cinema. What you also save is time: Because depending on how far you have to go to the next cinema, the way there (and back again) can be an odyssey. On the way from the living room to the bedroom, however, there is hardly anything in between - regardless of whether you combine the movie evening with a drinking evening. I do not accept any liability for this.

Tip # 4: If you live alone, arrange a movie date with your friends, call you via video call and start the stream together! Or just use Netflix Party - you don't have toabsolutely be a current movie!

Incidentally, the picture and sound quality of the HD stream corresponded to the usual quality despite the reduced bit rate.

Conclusion: This is how the cinema stays alive!

In times like these, when you don't even invite a few friends over to the movie night, the movie in the single household can be a bit expensive at the moment. And still: From two people the whole thing is worth it again - of course always in comparison to the price of an average cinema ticket. Another plus point of VOD: You can not only start the film when you want, but also watch it as often as you want within 48 hours of the first press of "Play".

Incidentally, including all the trimmings, my evening at the cinema cost me just 8 euros. And that is exactly what I will now be happy to afford once a week in order to preserve my cherished cinema feeling at home as well - provided, of course, that the distributors continue to provide cinema supplies at the home cinema front.Cinema at home? (Much, Much) Better than nothing!

"The Invisible One": Horror film now available for home cinema - also in Germany!

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