Which PAMMS can I invest in?


PAMM - an abbreviation which is a copy of a PAMM English, which means - Ā«Percent Allocation Management ModuleĀ» or in Russian - "Percentage Allocation Management Module" It means a scheme for managing the funds invested in a project as well as the by various investors Distribution of the interest received from them. Roughly speaking, a PAMM account is an account in which different investors have invested in different stocks. The account is managed by a trader who invests in various projects and, after receiving the profit, shares it between investors in shares that correspond to the contribution.

The concept of PAMM was used by Alpari in 2008. After that, PAMMs started appearing in other companies and gained their popularity. Now, PAMMs are all trading accounts with the combined funds involved in trading on the Forex Exchange.

PAMMs work according to the following scheme. When the Treydet owns small funds and wants to increase them, it invites investors to form a PAMM. When the funds from investors and traders are combined, the total amount of capital increases significantly, and they can participate in more profitable projects and receive a higher percentage of the profit.

After the profit is received, it is shared among the investors in accordance with the proportions of their contribution. The dealer also takes me a reward for a job, the amount or percentage of what must be specified in the contract, the parties, called the offer. So the trader receives a percentage that is significantly higher than what he could get, which only works through his own means. What interests investors is that all they have to do is invest money and an experienced trader will work with them. This is an excellent option for those who do not have the experience and skills to work in the stock market but have capital and want to receive dividends from it.

If the project is unprofitable, the losses will also be shared among the PAMM members in accordance with the amount invested. The trader alone does not receive a reward.

The entire period in which the work is done with funds is called the "trading period". Once completed, the results are summarized, the distribution of interest among depositors, as well as the payment of a reward to the merchant. These procedures are under the common name "Roll credit".

Benefits of PAMM.

PAMMs are a separate type of investment that is very popular today. In contrast to for example HYIPs, PAMMs have a much lower chance that you will encounter scams. Among other advantages of PAMM, I would like to:

  • You can follow the movement of your funds on the PAMM account;
  • The trader cannot withdraw funds from the account without the consent of all investors;
  • A trader is interested in making a profit because his funds also participate in the PAMM;
  • Investors can invest even small amounts as total assets will participate in the trade;

The trading centers usually offer the possibility of specifying the threshold of losses. As soon as the amount of the losses exceeds the threshold set by the investor, the transactions are automatically terminated.