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android listview setonclicklistener only selects the first view

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I have a custom ListView with an adapter that allows users to view entries in a database. Everything with the ListView works fine until I try to click anything other than the first item in the list. When you click on it, the entry should load into an editor. For some reason, regardless of which entry is clicked, the first entry in the list is loaded into the editor. Here is the activity code for the ListView:

Here is the XML for the ListView:

And here is the adapter: public class TimestampAdapter extends BaseAdapter {private Activity activity; private ArrayList> data; private static layout inflater inflater = null;

The debug lines in the code above show the correct position for each line clicked, but the IDs for the first line information are the only ones that are displayed. And that's consistent with only loading the first line into the editor.

  • Why do you initialize the view instances (TextView etc.) in the OnClickListener? You should initialize in the adapter. Can you view the full activity and adapter code?
  • I've added all of the main code and adapter

Your problem probably lies in the following lines:

You can find these views in the layout of the, Not in the line of the ListView. If these IDs are also duplicated in the ListView, access the entire row via

If StampList is a list of complex objects that contain all of this data, you can skip finding views and just use the adapter or adapter view to access the object.

Edit: You're using a HashMap, this should be easier:

Just make sure you declare this as how. Alternatively, if you don't want to specify how to replace


  • 1 I had come to the same conclusion after reading your original answer. It works now. My answer was a little different. Many thanks for the quick response!
  • @ user2104186 You're welcome, thanks for the quick feedback :-)