What is the future for renewable energy


Electricity is an indispensable part of everyday life. He provides light and fresh food, the operation of household appliances and entertainment electronics. Wind energy plants, water turbines, biogas plants, wood power plants, photovoltaic modules and geothermal power plants generate environmentally friendly and resource-saving electricity.

In 2019, renewable energies already covered 42.1 percent of Germany's electricity demand. With 243 billion kilowatt hours, renewable energies provided around 40 percent of Germany's gross electricity generation. Wind energy contributed the lion's share of this with around 126 billion kilowatt hours or a fifth of the total electricity generated. At the same time, the proportion of lignite and hard coal fell to around 28 percent.

More transparency for electricity customers

A large proportion of green electricity is shown on every electricity bill today. For most tariffs, the supplier buys much less from renewable energies. NATURSTROM therefore welcomes a draft law that aims to create more transparency for electricity customers. Continue reading "

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