Why do old paintings really cost a lot

Ancient paintings: interiors that tell stories

As one of the most demanding and noble painting techniques, oil painting belongs to the "classic supreme discipline" in art. Old and antique oil painting are unsurpassed due to the color strength and durability of oil paint. Characteristic of oil paintings are the lines and the intense color impression, as well as the plasticity due to the multi-layered application of the colors. As an eye-catcher on the living room wall, in the in-house library or next to an antique sideboard from the 18th century, the gems from the past add value to any facility!

Real oil paintings can not only be recognized by their color brilliance, but also by small cracks, which are completely normal in very old paintings. Oil paintings can be centuries old. A lot of time and material and a lot of skill go into each copy. The value for a Antique oil painting is made up of various factors: In addition to the age of the picture (16th / 17th / 18th / 19th or 20th centuries) and the artist or painter of the painting, the condition, the dimensions, the material (e.g. oil canvas) also play a role , Wooden panel, cardboard), the frame and the type of colors in the price of an antique painting. An antique picture that has been signed is usually worth more than a painting that is unsigned.

Not only among art connoisseurs and art lovers antique paintings popular, but are also increasingly used in the field of professional home staging and real estate staging. It is often difficult for those interested in buying or renting to imagine what the property viewed will look like when it has been furnished. Furnishing consultants and interior designers therefore like to fall back on noble-looking furniture, but increasingly also on rare pieces such as an old oil painting as an eye-catcher and visual accent in an exquisite model apartment. They spread a homely atmosphere and immediately create a feeling of being at home. Because antiques, whether antique cupboards or oil paintings, not only breathe a piece of history into a room, they also bring life to it. In addition, an old oil painting and a modern abstract painting, for example, can harmonize very well within an eclectic interior.