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Jobs for mathematicians: More than just juggling numbers

Math Graduates: Need a Top Job?

Cruises are booming in the land of the world's travel champions. But they are also a profitable business for shipping companies. Experts estimate that ticket sales don't even cover running costs. The profit is made on board - with paid cocktails, casinos, fitness offers. So-called Onboard revenue manager try to drive sales up during seafaring. Just recently, a well-known cruise company was looking for an analyst, preferably a mathematician, to do the Measure, evaluate and optimize customer satisfaction on the basis of data should. Debt collector for the cruise industry - a whole new field of activity for math geniuses. But by no means the only thing: the jobs for mathematicians are almost endless.

Mathematicians are happier at work

There are no reliable statistics on the professional whereabouts and unemployment of the number artists. But the The evidence is positive. This is how mathematicians and natural scientists are with their professional situation, according to the 2016 graduate study of the Berlin Humboldt University mostly very satisfied. Your gross income is a year and a half after graduation at over 3,000 euros on average. This puts them at the top of all the subject groups examined - even ahead of economists and lawyers. Mathematicians are also more likely than graduates in any other subject group to say that they are doing a job that is appropriate to their training. Ergo: The quality of math jobs increases.

Even as a dropout, there are still top opportunities

But what jobs are there apart from the teacher? Peter Ruckdeschel also asked himself this question. Of course there is representative information, for example from the German Mathematicians Association DMV or the German Actuarial Association DAV. But in his environment? So the math professor from the University of Oldenburg sent an email to former companions. He received answers from a dozen or so. There was that Independent IT specialist, three bankers, the managing director of an IT company, insurance professionals and scientists. Even the college dropouts had landed softly. One of them now works as a architect, another as a self-employed music teacher.

Ruckdeschel's conclusion: "Studying mathematics is a good investment in the future"At the same time, the professor admits that his subject lacks" fancyness "in the eyes of many viewers. Math seems too theoretical and abstract and has a hard time comparing it to nerdy-hip computer science.

Mega trends favor mathematicians

Computer science and mathematics meet more and more frequently in everyday work. Mega trends like Artificial intelligence, big data and predictive analytics create more and more jobs - for both groups of graduates. For example in the automotive industry, where self-driving cars require sophisticated algorithms and data analysis. Mathematicians who warm up to it, says Ruckdeschel, "for them, when studying math, an orientation in an applied focus, for example in statistics, is not a disadvantage."

"The Startup area is becoming more and more interesting for mathematicians ", adds Tanja Fagel, spokeswoman for the Graduate School Berlin Mathematical School." One of our graduates, for example, recently started working as a Scrum Master. "Mathematicians are also used as cryptographers in software companies or as biostatisticians in the pharmaceutical industry, as Actuaries at insurers or risk managers at a bank.

Whether in space or in volcanic eruptions, mathematicians are needed everywhere

Or as a space adventurer. A sample at the German Center for Aerospace (DLR) showed that of the last 300 job advertisements, around 30 were explicitly directed at mathematicians. You should create helicopter simulations or investigate the effect of volcanic eruptions on the radiation balance of the atmosphere.

"Mathematicians need to be no worries at all make ", believes Tanja Fagel. At least the times when she only works in schools and Universities were able to use their razor sharp minds should be over for good.

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